EV ETFs such as IDRV, DRIV and LIT

Evening all, I can’t find any EV ETFs on Freetrade. I think we are missing a trick not getting in on the Electric Vehicle scene.

Thanks all!

They’re US ETFs, unavailable to european investors unfortunately. You need to find UCITS versions.

Adam thanks for the quick response. I am new to investing but had to move from my roboinvestor of recent years to a model like Freetrade to give myself more autonomy. I am here to buy and hold for the long-term, not interested in quick gains.
I’ll take a look at the terms you’ve just used as your answer to research further so thanks for that.

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iShares Electric Vehicles ( ECAR ) is denominated in $ but traded on the LSE. Not available on :freetrade: though ( yet )


Agree. As someone who is looking for long term investment and believe in the future of EVs, it’s disappointing that I can’t invest in EV ETFs within FT

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