Xpeng πŸ”‹πŸš˜ - XPEV

Let’s hope so I mean one thing is for sure if they can create their own version of Tesla they will do or try at least try :money_mouth_face:


Great to see them coming to Europe but I’m really waiting for the P7, that’s the best car


What is happening with the stock?

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Could be of word going around xpeng stealing Tesla ip and apple ip they do have US based offices Silicon Valley etc must be why Elon buggered off to Texas … nothing worse than a bad business rep very unsporting if true if you ask me … but it won’t stop them making cars I guess

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Taking a hammering! But high price target for 2021??

Shares went up 22% yesterday after they secured funding from the bank


Glad I sold this turd

Results out today at 1pm.

Share price is down about 60% from a few months ago. Will be interesting to see what happens…

Are you invested in them Brap?

Yes I am, currently down 20%

It’s down another 6% in premarket, so not looking good at all…

How about you?

Ah no, this is the first I’ve heard of the company to be honest. I’m absolutely clueless about this and their country’s other businesses like Nio.

I’m down 35% on Nio, 35% on xpeng… But I believe it will climb long term

i went from being -27% to -12% just today…

That is still not as bad as -%40 in my SPCE or -%60 in CBX. I don’t dare looking at my ETFs and Funds. I’ll check in few months once the market goes back on track.

Nevertheless, Nio and Xpeng are innovative enough to keep as long term investment. Only downside it’s not in my ISA but to be honest I wish I could reach the Capital Gain allowance :joy::joy:

Increasing brand awareness, expanded sales, marketing and supercharging service initiatives across China.

Do you think it’s worth getting a few shares now ? Maybe 100 shares ?

No one here can give investment advice to others. You should speak to an independent financial advisor for that sort of advice.

It’s best to form your own opinions when it comes to investing - how will you justify holding a stock if we experience a downturn? What if the people online who told you to buy suddenly aren’t telling you what to do anymore?

It’s your money and your choice. Always good to get people’s opinions but that should form just a fraction of your final decision when investing :+1:


Taken a real hit in recent days, more than TSLA, NIO, Arrival etc. Be interested in other FT’ers opinion on this imbalance of exposure. Aware NIO has had a slew of recent announcements, keynotes etc. But is XPEV slipping from poster child status?

Not looking for advice, usual caveats! I’m interested!