Big Yellow Group plc BYG

This real estate investment trust develops and owns a widespread brand of self-storage units.

Anyone holding know why the sudden 6% drop?

I know it was way above the 200 & 50 day moving averages so probably due a correction but can’t see any news

I agree - a buying opportunity?

I’m not familiar with the stock fundamentals but having been a customer of the Big Yellow Group I cannot fault the service.

Revenue up was 24% and they announced an 20.6 pence per share interim dividend

Nine of the targeted 14 sites now have planning which would be a increase 60% of capacity.

The £97m raised this summer was used to buyout the rest of two sites Armadillo & West Kensington.

Non Sipp & Non ISA means I won’t be buying it anytime soon. Shame.


Is it a good buy?I think of buying it

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I’ll not give any investment advice. If I could have brough some I would - it seems like a solid player in a good cash generating industry and they have plans to increase sqft by 60% over the next 12/18.

As the great man Dwight K Schrute once said -


Can anyone explain why I cannot buy this for my ISA???

But why is is non ISA??? Can someone explain??

Due to the way that they are taxed, preferentially, you cannot own them in a tax free wrapper.

Whats peoples thoughts on this stock? Good support on £13.70. Seems to be at fair value but I’m not sure where it goes from here. I’d love to pick up shares from £12 and below.

Big head and shoulder pattern RIP :joy: