NMC Health bargain or death trap?

Plunged 40% yesterday after Muddy Waters accused it of cooking the books. Shocking really that a FTSE 100 company could be shattered by just an accusation really. I’ve jumped in hoping for a dead cat bounce. Thoughts on this folks?


Personally for me it’s so high risk :grimacing:

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I am taking a position here and holding for the long term

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My initial reaction is that there are plenty of decent companies out there, I’d probably not risk one with such a whiff about it. That said, question I’d be interested to get people’s opinions on:

  1. Is NMC Health going tell us the name of the independent accounting firm that is going to review Muddy Waters’ claims? If not, then I think we have to at least question how independent that will be.

  2. What is Muddy Waters’ track record like on being right?
    I know they were right about Sino Forest, but wrong about American Tower Corp. I found this from 2015: https://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/muddy-waters-once-perfect-short-sale-track-record-losing-its-lustre

I’m £50 quid profit on my flutter. Bounced 30% in one day, unfortunately my buy in point saw a 24% drop before that. Either way I’m happy. :grin:

Still holding. It should move a bit more North.

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