NSF buy

Anyone else buying NSF?

Risky but could reward.

Unfortunately will probably be very busy over the next year as people get into financial difficulties.

Neil Utley Has been buying - he revived hastings group and made ££

Was paying a nice div pre covid.

I’ve scooped a few.

For those of us without an encyclopaedic knowledge of share names, is this Non-Standard Finance you’re referring to?



Most on here abbreviate.

My apologies for not being like most people. I had the naive impression that Freetrade was for regular folk, not just share nerds. I won’t bother in future.

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@tbutz Did you not know that MOHA? (most on here abbreviate).

@Foodman save me doing some research, what do NSF do, and why could it possibly reward in the next year please?


Interesting - sounds to me like they’re likely to ruin more lives than they help, so it’s a no from me!

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Well my post has clearly ruffled some feathers.

Just thought I would see what others had thoughts on this company, Neil Utley buying in has peaked my interest.

I think @jspen and @tbutz your tone are not particularly in keeping with what normal is a friendly space on here to share thoughts :v:t2:

Laugh out loud.

So you’re saying I should “watch my tone”? Okay, Matt Hancock.

It’s piqued.

Yes, I am invested although bought in at around 21p. I would buy at this price although I won’t be adding more to what I have.

@Foodman - I was only joking about the abbreviation thing, and genuinely interested in who NSF are and how they could possibly reward over the next year :+1:

@tbutz is it actually ‘piqued’? I have learnt something new today.

@ytsruh summed it up quite nicely to be fair.

My main interest is in what Neil Utley is planning.

Lots has been happening with these lenders over the last few months - Amigo and International personal finance.

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