How many Freetrade shares do you hold?

How many Freetrade share do you hold?
  • up to 1k
  • 1k to 5k
  • 5k to 10k
  • 10k to 15k
  • 15k to 20k
  • 20k to 30k
  • 30k to 35k
  • 35k to 40k
  • 40k to 45k
  • 45k to 50k
  • 50k to 55k
  • 55k to 60k
  • 65k to 70k
  • 70k to 80k
  • 80k to 90k
  • 90k to 100k
  • 100k+

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Nearly as many as Adam.


I’m absolutely delighted with my haul but for those 8 peeps with 100K+ :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:


Nice try, GCHQ. Not this time!


I read a wealth chart about 6 months ago and Adam was worth something ridiculous like,I can’t remember BUT he was about 30 million more wealthy than Anne Boden which I found very surprising.

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Just 10 :sweat_smile:

Feel like the values skew way too high unless most people have invested in at least a few hundred shares??


Very interesting results of poll. Seems there are many shareholders with a fairly smallish holding of less than 5,000.

However when we get to 50 quid a share one day that’s still a good chunk of a house depending where you live of course.

The day FT ipos will be quite an emotional day for many and I’m sure Adam too will feel it when he reads the personal accounts.

A few more years of this wonderful journey I suspect. :grin:


That’d be a 3-bedroom flat in Belgravia, holy moly! :scream_cat:

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I’m pretty sure @adam & @Viktor will put on a big party for us all,free drinks and food for all,WHEN the IPO happens :cocktail::beers:


160 in R6!

Usually that is the case for companies that get funding from crowd. Small investmenst from many people coupled with high valuation.


Will need an arena for the thousands of attendees

Maybe just those with over 5000 shares :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Just to be clear I have 4999 shares :lying_face::lying_face::rofl::rofl:

HMRC? :joy:

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…and at the HMRC entrance you show your invite with “EIS” on it and say the password “No CGT” :wink:


0, I don´t even know how to buy em

Yea I agree poll options seem very odd expecting everyone to have thousands of shares when it’s fairly obvious most crowdfunding investors take small punts rather than putting thousands of pounds into a very risky investment. People investing many thousands are always in the minority.

I’m just here with 100 shares myself.


I don’t think anyone expects everyone to have thousands,it is just a poll for a bit of fun and to make the investors with less than 1000 shares feel envious of everyone else :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I invested in rounds 5-6-7 and I wish I had been able to invest earlier,but I never new about the previous rounds. The best thing in life is not compare yourself to other people as it can only lead to discontentment :pray::pray::pray:
Here is a quote from another investor who is in an absolutely amazing situation and still not content “” I put £1K in at R2, then another £3K at R4 which left me with about 10,000 shares. wish I’d known about it at R1. I could have just put £1K in then and have more shares than I do now””


That was me, it’s not that I’m not content, just that I would have invested in R1 if I’d known about it.