How many Freetrade shares do you hold?

I didn’t know about it at r1 either. Got in with a small amount at r2 and then larger at r3.

We’d all have loved to have been in at r1 :wink:. I’m sure even @casperthefriendlyghost


Lol Sorry I should have asked your permission to use your quote. I was just trying to help @simmyx98 feel better.

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No worries. I’m very happy with my investment, but I’d be even happier if I’d got some at 8p :smiley:


You mean 7.9561p


lol I get that it’s a bit of fun, just was pointing out the poll option range was poorly thought out if you want an accurate gauge of people’s holdings. Though maybe you’re right and it was to make people envious of everyone with thousands of shares ahaha

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I’ll give you 8p for 'em :laughing:

Actually, they rounded up the number of shares, so I think I paid marginally less!

Seeing how we’re more or less all in lockdown, right now, I am not entirely sure what I prefer between having FT shares at 50£ or being invited to an amazing FT party with free drinks :roll_eyes: :thinking:

On a more serious note… what a ride it has been ! I am so glad I found FT in R1 and was able to witness the company’s growth since then.

PS : that being said I have not been able to try the app yet. I am now very eager for the :fr: launch !


I’m sure if push came to shove you would choose the £50 a share.

emphasised textPS : that being said I have not been able to try the app yet. I am now very eager for the :fr: launch !
Do you not have a smart phone?

We do have smartphones in France :wink:
The app is just not available outside the UK !


Oh right,I never new you were from France. It was good you were able to invest in Freetrade.

What is this R1, R2 and R3 that is being discussed? Sorry, I’m new to the share aspect and this app so I’m a little clueless

Funding rounds where us commoners have invested in Freetrade via Crowdcube


The only right answer to this question is not enough :sweat_smile:


Invested in R2, R3, R4 and R5, and I wish I had invested more in R2!! Freetrade to the moon! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


I got 555 @ 96p and very happy with my gains. They’re doing better than Monzo with the 0% growth!


2.5 years and the Monzo price hasn’t moved a penny. Ok not strictly true it almost doubled for a while then dropped back down to December 2018 price and has stayed there since beginning of 2020.

And just when you think it might start moving, what with premium accounts etc. they do another raise at the same discounted price as the year before!

I used to think that Monzo was my main investment and Freetrade was the sideshow so to speak, now it looks like Freetrade will blow Monzo away!


Me too,almost certain that Monzo will go back to 2 billion valuation at the end of year.

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I think we should brace ourselves for the annual accounts, and keep an eye on the Pillar 3 disclosures.

I think some metrics will see an improvement but I think these will be offset somewhat by the challenging credit (and general) environment, though I wasn’t left feeling too anxious by the credit quality of the overall loan portfolio at last accounts.


4K round 2 & 5k round 3.
When the horse starts to show its horn and you see the beginning of a unicorn then sit tight… #dontsellthemshsres!!!