Series B announcement MEGATHREAD

Round 6/7!are the same anyway,I only got £3k in round 5

Yeh, my regret is with the amount of money I added. Only £2.5k.

I put £1K in at R2, then another £3K at R4 which left me with about 10,000 shares. wish I’d known about it at R1. I could have just put £1K in then and have more shares than I do now.

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Yep,yep,some People only added 100 pounds.


Seriously?? 90% of people would love to be in the situation you are


I’ve created a poll. Let’s keep this to the series B :+1:


Any reply to this guys?

@adam @Viktor

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For those who have been fortunate enough to have invested in Freetrade already, well done. You have done really well.I found Freetrade early by sheer luck and loved the story. I wish i could say I found them by being super smart but that would be a lie.

Going forward no matter where you join I can see it being a really good long term investment. Great product , scalable technology , fantastic team and community to spread the word. Just read about all the locations they are planning to have a presence in, it’s mind boggling.

Do not be disheartened if you missed the start of the story , jump aboard when you can and enjoy a long term ride on what could be a very profitable journey. Not investment advice just my ramblings.


When is series B going live? Will it be on Crowdcube? What’s the minimum investment? Sorry if this has been explained already but I can’t seem to find that info anywhere

I would guess that’s a no brainer 100k plus

Series B is for VCs only. It has been closed and announced now.

Crowdfunding round to be announced. Likely in late Spring or early Summer


Oh right. That makes sense. Thank you!

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No advice intended here, but withdrawing funds from a non-flexible ISA is a very bad idea.


From the beginning Freetrade team have been very engaged with their customers and creating a community. It’s a super good platform for those starting out in investing but also more seasoned investors who want an alternative to Hargreaves for ISAs etc.

There are many circumstances where it makes sense to withdraw from an ISA, not everyone is maxing the contributions every year.

The value of the tax sheltering is very different for different people.


Potentially yes, but If you’re investing it in shares within an EIS wrapper it could be rationalised as just moving your cash from one tax shelter to another.


I feel like this thread is getting a bit silly.

Yes FT has done well and some investor will have made a nice return.

But don’t put all eggs in one basket. And don’t put more than 5% of your net worth in any one company.


It tends to be good advice. Diversification is good at preserving wealth. However, Adam didn’t get rich by selling 95% of his ft shares and diversifying into various stocks.

Warren buffet does not believe in diversification either. He had a huge amount in apple.

For me, it’s risk and reward. I make a big distinction between putting in a lot of money into freetrade the company than a meme stock pumped on reddit.

I put a lot of money into freetrade because I believed in Adam and the team and he has I believe done his best to protect shareholders with hands tied behind his back and feet in cement.

I’m holding my shares as I believe there is a lot of bags left. I think freetrade is worth around 500million and still see an easy 10x here over a few years and then I’ll look to take some off the table.


You’ve totally misunderstood my advice but it’s always the case on these forums, everyone thinks they know best rather than listening to different perspectives.

For MOST people putting more than 5% into any one company is a bad idea. Of course if it’s equity in your own company that’s somewhat different.

I believe FT will be a multi billion pound company and I will not sell but I invested no more than 2% or my net worth at the time when I invested.

Now the invest is growing I will not sell as it’s a sunk cost - the 2% of my net worth I invested I’ll forget about for ten years or so.

But for those whose portfolio is only say £5k putting £1k into a private investment into one company is not really a good idea in terms of portfolio management.

I understand everyone seems to think these days that multi baggers is pretty normal but everyone should learn the principles of portfolio and risk management.

Being very concentrated is great until things turn against you - look at various FCA warnings recently that young people in particular are investing in volatile investments. There is a piece in the FT today on this topic.