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Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

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Feels weird it not being there :joy:

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The world is changing too quickly, Google holds the bronze now :grimacing:


Now that we’ve launched US stocks, this is available in the app :us:

Warren will be happy :tada:





Apple stock looks tempting, though sterling needs to be a bit more stronger.

Apple’s next “iPhone” after the iPhone is already here!

It’s called the Apple Watch:


Year to date stock performance:


Up 50% on Apple currently, imagine this will slow

It’s a really interesting time to look at Apple.

On the one hand, they have new products like Apple Watch and AirPods which are proving popular (especially AirPods, which I think is an amazing product) but on the other, those products just don’t look like they’ll drive the kinds of explosive $$$ growth they had before.

I have to say I’m pleased they’re killing iTunes and replacing it with separate apps and maybe this may help their revenue growth in TV, music and podcasts. Overall, it looks like their revenue is going to be spread more evenly across a wider range of products and services.

Including, perhaps, the credit card…

Yeah, it’s interesting to see that they are pivoting to a services provider. I’m also looking forward to trying their News+ platform, which is supposed to be “Netflix for Magazines”

I feel like they’re never gonna come out with innovative products again. Maybe subscription services and e-platforms are just more lucrative.

They came out with the ipod, iphone, ipad, mackbooks. But the apple watch and earphones just really don’t seem that exciting, i wouldn’t buy them myself.

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Will Apple’s news / magazine subscription service save publishers? Is Apple’s new TV subscription service going to be the Netflix killer? :popcorn:

Here’s TechCrunch’s live blog with a summary of the announcements -

Apple News+

Apple News+ wants to recreate magazines, and long-form journalism. With 3000 300 magazines over a bunch of topics. Magazines will have a “live cover” which is basically a animated cover. I like the way they animate content as you scroll through it.

Apple News+ will be more than just traditional magazines, it’ll also include news papers like the Wall Street Journal, and premium digital content.

Seems like they have thought a bit about article discovery, from what I gather they are amplifying content over magazine loyalty, so you find a recommendation of Marie Claire even though you are not their core market.

No advertiser tracking, as they will download data from the server, and then match against the data on your phone. So Apple never knows what you are reading.

If you subscribe to all the content individually it’ll cost you over $8k, but it’s $9.99, they also throw in family sharing for free. Everyone in the family gets their own siloed version. Will start in USA, and Canada. Europe roll out will be later on in the year, starting with the UK.

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Apple Pay

Over 10 billion transactions.
Very high retailer acceptance.

Apple Card

Very inventive name :joy: With the Apple Card they want to eliminate fees, lower interest rates, simplify applications. They keep taking little privacy shots :sob: You can use the card instantly. They are keeping all the data in the card, with spending insights, and transaction categories which means they are now rolling into Monzo/Revolut etc territory.


Rewards will be called “Daily Cash”, and this is just Cash, 2% cashback for Apple Pay, you can get unlimited rewards :money_mouth_face:

Daily Cash Screenshot

I like the way they are focusing on how to speed up payments, and reduce interest paid for customers. No fees whatsoever, no late fees, no annual fees, no international fees.

They are partnering with Goldman Sachs, and Mastercard.

Privacy first - Apple doesn’t know what you brought, where you brought it, or what you paid. All the spending etc happens on your device. Goldman Sachs will never sell your data for marketing, or advertising.

It’s a laser etched titanium card, there’s no expiration, CVV, or Card number. This is all in the wallet app. The metal card gives 1% cashback.


Fintechs are going to have to step up their game, Apple has changed the game.


Yeah, but Goldman Sachs :woman_shrugging:

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Apple TV App

They want to move everything to all your devices, so you spend more time watching, less time faffing around with all the apps.

You can pay for only the channels you want, rather than paying for a massive bundle with stuff you don’t care for. You can download for offline viewing as well.

From what I gathered it’s convenience play, everything is in one place, so the vendors still exist, but you watch it all in one app. This is cool as you resume from one place, rather than managing a handful of apps.


They’re bringing Apple TV to Mac, and Smart TVs. Samsung, and Roku was name dropped.

It’a available in 10 countries, they want to take it to over 100 countries.

More privacy shots :joy:

Apple TV+

They need to find someone to come up with better names. This was led in with great stories can change the world, so I guess this is their original content division.

Over dramatic advert mentions "a woman sitting in a car in the field, now I need to know why she’s sitting there” - no you don’t! :grin: Joking aside they are trying to get you to think about all the thought they give things.

I stopped watching but they went on to say they’ll spend $2 billion this year on original content. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with.