Stock League! Come and and join the fun?!

Hi All!

Over lockdown, I taught myself Python and coded a paper trading stock game. We’ve got about 20 players now, but it’s more fun with more people! It’s hosted on a Discord server that I run and the trades and trade history are all shown in real time on a Google spreadsheet.

It’s very simple, there’s only a single command: !buy

For example: !buy AAPL buys the stock Apple Inc. (AAPL) at it’s current share price. When you !buy a new share, the previous share is automatically sold and the returns compound to show who the best stock picker is over time!

You can see how the stock buying works here:

And you can see the real-time scores here:

The link to join is here:

Feel free to introduce yourself and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! Thanks :blush:

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Haha I haven’t been on that in a while, but great to see my plugpower one doing well :joy:

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Lol, the buy and leave people seem to be doing better. Interesting insight into investing :yum: