Excel 2019 - for live stock prices?

Hi I want a live stock spreadsheet in excel. I’ve spent ages looking over the web and nothing I have found or can get my brain to program in excel will work. Currently I’m dumping data from investing.com and then using a Vlookup to create my automatic pretty stats tables. It works and only takes me 2 or 3 mins to do.

Then i discovered Excel 2019 seems to suggest it does it all for you. Anyone out there that can verify this? Even AIM stocks? All the stocks in freetrade? How about funds?

I’ve not upgraded for a few years. Should I?

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I work for the company that provides the data to Microsoft. My understanding is that you should be able to get anything in Excel that you can get via MSN Money - if its not there now, then it should be soon.

Edit: Worth pointing out that the data is 15 minute delayed for almost all markets.


That’s fantastic. Many thanks. I’ll be buying that tonight!

You can do all this in Google Sheets for free.

It doesn’t work for Excel 2019…

You need to subscribe to Office 365.

Hmmm I might look into this a bit more. However, this link doesn’t seem to suggest it works very well.

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That’s exactly how I have mine setup actually!

I use it to show my companies share prices on the Touchbar on my MacBook. Works well for me :slight_smile:


How do you do that? Thanks


Why isn’t Excel working for you? What’s your requirements? Live, or will 15 minute delay suffice? Auto updating or will a manual refresh be OK?

Assuming you want live and auto updating you’ll be looking at an expensive data feed. Auto updating and you’ll need to be sufficiently savvy with the Excel RTD component. This is perfectly do-able, just not straight forward if you’d classify yourself a novice.

Assuming you want 15 minute delayed prices and non-auto updates then it’ll be about 10 lines of VBA code I could knock up for you in 2 minutes and mail over to you.

Failing that I’d be remised not to shamelessly plug finki.io Take a look at finki.io/finkiAPI.html and see if it meets your needs.

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It doesn’t work! The stock function they advertise is only for Office 365. Its located under data tab. The idea being is microsoft sell an out of date product in excel 2019 and therefore they’d rather you subscribe 5 quid a month for their fancy link. I only want to see it after market hours when I get home from work and do my research and just enjoy the stats. So it just really is a once a day and doesnt need to be even live. I just want to avoid this downloading an excel data sheet from investing.com of my mock portfolio and importing it into my spreadsheet. There is a stock importer out there but it’s only does S&P500 I think. Anything you can do would be much appreciated. I’m a total noob at anything more than a basic vlookup (after careful comparison to ages of a previously successful copy from an internet search!).

I tried this out on Excel and it is decent ( although I still prefer Google Finance ). Can you retrieve UK fund info ( eg Vanguard LS100 ) ?