Creating a Stocks Spreadsheet Specific to Dividends

Has anyone made their own stocks spreadsheet to track their income/gains/ dividends etc.?

I’ve got my google sheets set up, but there’s no conversion I can find for the formulas that are pounds, as all the formulas are for dollars and US based stocks.

Anyone who is savvy in this field, your input will be invaluable to many! Cheers

Take a look at all the dividend functions, future ex dates, pay amounts, and fx conversion function calls

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Cheers mate, I’m not exactly the most tech savvy person in the world so I’ll have a play with it and see how I go :joy: I’ve been watching YouTube tutorials for about 3 hours now and I’m still none the wiser haha!

Copy and paste a one of the =IMPORTDATA functions I show in the API page… then change the ISIN and the FunctionCall parameters. It’s easy when you get the hang of it. Promise. There’s a link to a demo google sheet somewhere on this forum too… I’ll have to hunt it out…

Found it…

So I have a good 3-4 hours tonight and I’ll try to throw together a desktop application for this since I’m going to have nothing better to do before I go get on the coach (if it’s okay anyways)

Is that an issue with you? @finki


Go crazy @Byron. It’s there for Freetraders to use to help monitor or investigate investment options. It’s super simple but the major hurdle is getting started. A lot of people don’t know what to do with it.

That said, a lot of other people do! The daily api calls now running through this thing is pretty chunky! So far it’s holding up well as it’s so lightweight. A few functions are annoyingly slow but others are rocket fast. You can occasionally crash it too - but I’m weeding out those bugs daily.

As always - if you build something and realise you need more data points then please let me know. I can usually add them pretty quickly.

PE and PEG are on my radar. Many request Shareholder Perk data… so I’ll do that too. Most focus dividends - so any dividend points you need let me know.

Any way, that’s a long answer to a short question. Yes, build it. Put it out there. Let’s see your work.


for US Dividend you can use this which is very easy to use and its free :wink:


You’re doing an awesome job. I think a lot of people appreciate the work you’re putting in :smiley:


For converting between currencies, the GoogleFinance() function works well.

Many thanks @Fulforce
Anything I can help you with please shout

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I used to do this, but when Google removed their API function It no longer worked, and ended up s right mess,

My current way to track everything is by a free App that can be used on IOS, Android and PC, I update it on the PC then upload / save the profile to Google drive, then load the profile on my phone using the same app, so I got a constant live feed on my phone but all editing is done with ease on pc.

App is called JStock