Dividend info & thumbs up

I’ve been playing around with the @finki apis - they are really easy to use and integrate well with googlesheets. If you need a bit of data for your research I’d suggest checking them out.

I also noticed this on the site - a nice summary of dividends payable in May:

Great work :+1: :+1:


Much appreciated :grinning: @Sleepy

June dividend data available now too



I second that great work. Really useful info

This is super useful thank you!

I’ll have to start using this more, looks like you’ve added a lot more since last I saw it.

@finki and @Sleepy, thank you very much for this information.

@Barka181 this would give you a helping hand with your dividend tracking . . .

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Yep, dividend info is what you guys clearly want.

Just looking over the API call log for the last 24hrs.

Ten of thousands of API calls. About 85% dividend related.

Historic dividends for US, UK and Europe coming soon (actually exsisted for a long time but just isn’t that great! So I’m doing a massive database rebuild). All available as either a simple, singular data point return (ie, ‘dividendExDate’) to shove into G Sheets/Excel or as a massive raw JSON output if you’re techy and able to parse the return.

Yes, I’ve added prices, EPS. DPS, sectors, KIIDs, OCFs, Transaction costs, Performance fees, ISA-ability flags… and all anybody wants is dividend data :man_shrugging:


Great to have that dividend list, thanks. Should be a sticky post so it’s easy for everyone to find :wink:

Does anyone have any good tools/ spreadsheets that they’ve built using this that they are happy to share? I’m thinking portfolio trackers or analysis tools that people find useful.


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Will make a daily ‘paying today’ and daily ‘going ex’ at some point too. Probably.


New Dividend data over the expanded Freetrade US universe



Great stuff as always @finki


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Top work :+1:

Hi James

here is one I created. To access Finki API info. copy sheet and add in your API key in to config tab


Nice work @Hydra_King

Amazing thanks :partying_face: :partying_face: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Not sure if this is what you had in mind, but I was playing around with some risk metrics, Beta, Sharpe ratio and Sortino ratio. Help yourself to a copy and spruce it up.

Beta: volatility relative to a market
Sharpe ratio: risk vs return measure, based on return/overall volatility
Sortino ratio: upgrade of the Sharpe ratio, based on return/ downside volatility

There’s some waffle here explaining the metrics a bit more if it’s of interest.


Thanks @Sleepy, nice one.