[Feature Request] Dividend Calendar 💵 📆

I think it would be useful if we had some sort of personalised dividend calendar with ex dates and payment dates, populated based on my holdings, and on my watch list. Would this be possible?

How would it ‘not’ be possible?
Take data. Mangle data. Output data.
It’s a matter of priorities.
Since dividend data is a recurring theme on this forum you have to think it’s a high priority and coming soon.
Otherwise punch it in to a spreadsheet or any website you can find that does this kind of thing - webull, dividend max etc…
Failing that I’ll build it for you via a portfolio upload - honestly, a working prototype with 99% accuracy should take me a few hours to build from scratch. Admittedly that’s not the in-app solution you’re looking for but it’s a gap filler and proof it ‘is’ possible. In fact it’s fairly easy - at its absolute base level. Making it sit nicely in the app and look pretty and useable… that’s not my forte. FT will do that for you.

Drop me a mail if you’d like me to build something for you. I can probably spare the time. :wink:


This would be great. :+1:

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Can we get some more votes on this people. This is a great idea! It’s an absolute pest having to manually keep up to date with when dividends are due or go and refer to another website like Dividendmax etc, all we need is another tab in the insights section

I used to write this every week. Would love to keep doing it but can’t do it for free given the work required.



Yes I remember! That was brilliant! I don’t think it would be too hard for the software engineers to write some code into the insight bar so we can see our individual dividend due dates and how much we are due. Maybe this could be incorporated into the auto reinvest feature people have been asking for as well

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Would like to see this feature