MEGATHREAD: Stock fundamentals 📊

Hi @bitflip . Actually I don’t take a great deal of notice of price targets; as you will know they’re often set by brokers with ‘vested interests’ it seems to me.

Was just flagging it up really, as I’m doing some ‘housekeeping’ on my portfolio.

Tell you what would be very useful though, is a comparison showing which brokers are the most accurate when it comes to their forecasts.



Feel like it should use the house style something more “Oh no! Something has gone wrong and our data is missing, sorry”


Totally agree.

But this is the thing … these are not forecasts. When you read the analyst report (and I have read quite a few) they make that clear. This is also one of the things that I did not understand when I started …

It is the modelling around the creation of the target that is the most interesting bit … why? Because you get to see what drives the companies accounts.

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Fair enough - still got some learning to do I know :see_no_evil:

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Hi everyone :wave:

We’re gradually rolling out dividend events to Standard and Plus members over the next week. This feature will be available on both iOS and Android. iOS users can download the update directly from the App Store.

Keep track of ex-dividend dates and dividend payment dates for individual stocks, and get them in your calendar. You can also see key info like dividend per share and dividend type.

Not sure what all this means? Check out the :information_source: buttons within the feature. They’re there to give you helpful hints, so you can make the most of your stock fundamentals.

Let us know what you think below and keep an eye on this thread to see what’s next!

Not a Standard or Plus member yet? See how our plans compare. Upgrade to access dividend events, price targets, analyst ratings, our full range of stocks, interest on cash balances and more.

When you invest your capital is at risk, the value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than what you invest.


Some investment houses make this clear by saying things like “HOLD” for now or “SELL” when it gets to £v or “BUY” above £w. This makes it clear that they are not predicting or forecasting the share price. But obviously Freetrade can’t do this because it is an execution only broker.


Excellent news! Can’t wait for this to be released. I have been adding the dates manually to my investor calendar, and it’s a time consuming process. The option to add this directly from the app to the calendar will be greatly appreciated.


Just me or do some stocks do not show a divdiend section? For example RY - Royal Bank of Canada.

Also, this is cool and all but would be nice to have a actual calender in app showing distributions dates at a glance. Having to drill down to each position is kinda tiring.

Also, does the ‘add to calender’ work for anyone? after setting the event and pressing ‘add’ nothing shows up. Also, trying to change the location of the ‘event’ crashes the app.

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Looks like this feature has gone live

I don’t see the dividend information in the discovery tab for RBC. So I guess the data is not there or not declared by the Board.
‘Add to calendar’ works for me.

If you still have these two issues please see report it in this Topic: MEGATHREAD: Bugs & Glitches


Is this actually live? I can’t see anything on my app except previous payments. Also, is there any plan for your upcoming dividends to show on a list, like the activity feed? Having to go through each individual stock constantly to know if a payment has been announced, kinda makes it hard work for large portfolios.

It seems cool for seeing what happened previously but unless it was in one place, which would be awesome, pointless for me TBH.

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Having upcoming payments on dividend stocks you own in the activity feed would be massive


To me it is the only real benefit as I have loads of stocks and having to go through all the individual ones every so often to see if/when a dividend is coming is not realistic at all. It goes against the great app that is so user friendly and simple.

Saying that I am unsure if I even have it and it is still in Beta as I have looked at over 30 stocks and none show upcoming dividends so I may be totally wrong. Just going of the images above.


Worthwhile remembering that dividend payment information can’t be shown without the payment being declared by the board.

So no amount, ex div or payment date possible until declared by the board. That is why some sites publish something they call a ‘prediction’. We see confusion about payment amounts and dates from time to time on Freetrade topic threads because of this.


You are totally correct! That kind of makes my point more valid as I need a 3rd party source to know when they are announced or manually go through every stock each week or something which i ridiculous.

I was hoping this would be something like the paid for services you can get where a notification is given when one is announced, or you get a nice list with all on one page for simplicity of seeing what is coming.

I am already signed up to all paid services but as I said before this would be a good plus incentive as people would love a calendar of what is due.

As with a lot of new things at Freetrade, it is much better than not having this function but feels like Beta or halfway to the service people actually want or need.


I get most of my dividend info from either the companies investor email services or RNS alerts from the LSE website (for UK stocks obvs). Both are free. Also get them through SimplyWallStreet, which is a paid service and usually a day or two behind the company/RNS emails.

They could have something similar like Robin Hood like once the payment is declared they can have it as pending in the activity feed until the payment date that would be pretty good


I see the merit of what you and @BIg-g are saying about a generic calendar. For people that want to know what they should be expecting it makes a great deal of sense. I don’t agree that this information should be in the activity feed. For one simple reason: it is not an activity. All I want to see in the activity feed is incomings and outgoings. In any case, just because the board declared it, it does not mean you will get it (you may sell long before the ex date).

We should also recognise that many people really don’t care about this. The reason they don’t is because they are not going to do anything with the information. It has no bearing on and doesn’t inform any investment decision that they make. Some people just reinvest the money when they see the money arrive (or have it done automatically if their broker provides a re-investment service). As I said earlier, I fully recognise it is really important for some people to know … so I am not arguing against having a calendar in the form @Big-g says … just making it clear that many have no need for it.


Or if it is an interim dividend they can cancel it right up to the ex-dividend date without recourse.