Megathread - 🔥 Dividend Fest 🔥

OK then, just to compensate for my response to a “have you received…” question, I’ve received £1950 over the past year from a £30k portfolio. The growth has been slow but the income is helping to fill the gap between early retirement and state pension.


Good stuff, you are way ahead of me but hopefully I will see £1950 one year :sunglasses: :+1:


Me too. £2,000 per year would also make the ISA definitely worthwhile since that is the level where dividends start being taxed.

Trying to look at positives is quite hard at the moment I find, especially with all the external economic doom and gloom, but I try to tell myself this. I know it’s not as much as some and I had a head start with a Halifax ISA that I transferred in but from April to end September, my dividend total will be over £700. Not too shabby for a first year of active investing I think.


That’s super impressive so should definitely be reassuring - especially when investing in such turbulent markets - as mentioned above my first year was below £50, so yours definitely trumps that!

It is economic doom and gloom at the moment, make sure you keep an emergency budget for any hiccups that may come to your life and try keep that portfolio untouched + add to it when you can.

I’m going to keep an eye out for your name in this topic as I know you will hit that £2,000 goal sometime in the future, either through dividend reinvestments or additional deposits when you are able to. When you do hit that goal make sure you post it in here and I’ll celebrate for you :beers:


So far this month I’ve had £50 from PBR, 25 from I3E (monthly div) a fiver from DEC ( quarterly div) and at some point today the holding company that keeps my Breedon SAYE shares will be adding 70 quids worth of re invested dividend back into the acc as shares. Not a bad month all in all.

Addition… Just received my PBR div, was paid on 28th got it today. Good going FT all my divs in last few days have been same or next day


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Yes sure.

It’s moments like this I like


I am seeing if I can gain £10/month on dibs alone. Let’s just say this one with countless other payouts means I’ve secured September for this year lol.

Of course there will be stretch goals like £15, £25 etc


Me too! £10 a month as an average over the year is my goal too.
I think I’m there now, so I’m moving on to £20 per month now.


On March, June, September and Dec I’m getting more than £30 without trying. I am likely bagging £10/month across all months and will keep the snowball effect rolling


I think once my Aviva dividends come through I’m over £100 worth of dividends since Jan 1st. And still a few more to pay out till Christmas:-). Reinvesting everything and topping up as I can as well. Portfolio in the red but looking for long term dividends holds so hopefully in 10-20years be back in the green :slight_smile:


September was my first month of over £20 received for the month. Should average £15 a month this year up from £2.61 average a month last year.
My target next year is average £25 a month


Glad to say I have smashed through my last year’s record dividend payments, Still have 3 months of the year to go!

Although my portfolio is currently at an all-time low, I’m not phased as I’m in it for the long run!

Good luck all,

Roughly £69 a month


Yesterday, with the payment of the VUSA dividend, I passed £1,000 lifetime dividends (I say lifetime, I started investing in summer 2019). I know there is always a lot of discussion about the relevance of dividends, but I can’t tell you how motivating it is to see these gather pace month over month.

Anyone who is perhaps feeling frustrated by slow growth, I do encourage you to keep going. It really does snowball over time!


Fully agree and that is exactly my philosophy, and it is true that it is extremely motivating. For this year (financial year from April), I’ve now passed the £800 mark with all the ETF and insurance dividends from September. Sadly October looks like netting me only £25 compared to the roughly £215 for September, but anything is better than nothing.


I thought I could share my dividend progress to encourage others! It’s almost reaching £1000 from inception.
I have started my portfolio relatively recently (Jun 2019) but I can see some progress. I hope this inspires some of the Freetraders. I just want to add that I don’t hold a dividend portfolio, I have a hybrid portfolio.

Yearly comparison on total:

Growth percentage:
Screenshot 2022-10-04 125221

Yearly comparison per month:

Happy investing!


Thank you for sharing your investment journey.
Its encouraging to see from a new invester like myself. :+1:


:laughing: :laughing: :heart_eyes:


Bet your namesake would be jealous of that!


Well done :+1:


Been investing for years now but only really started looking at dividends recently. Earned a total of 3.31 for September :joy:

Does anyone know a website or somewhere with a good income tracker template where I can record how much of my dividends I’ve reinvested and where?

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Just looked at App and noticed Dividends now appearing under Recent Activity on the individual stock alongside purchsses (as well as in the main Activity tab.


Thank you.