Better dividend system badly needed

Hey guys am not bitching and I think freetrade is doing a great job but it just doesn’t seemed to be set up with dividend investors in mind. I’ve just received a notification stating that I’ve just received a dividend so I logged in with nothing, no message, nothing in my activity feed, I know it’s early days but it would be cool if receiving dividends was clear, easy. I really think this should be next on the list asap, ahead of adding new stocks. Etc.


As you rightly said, on the roadmap, improving the activity feed is the next after what is being worked on at the moment.

As long as the dividend funds are credited to the account in a timely manner, I would think more users would benefit from the expanded stock universe, better top-up process and Android ISAs and only then concern about the activity feed :slight_smile:


I think they could start by adding to the activity feed. That hopefully wouldn’t take much and would be a nice indicator - they could add a greyed out pending for a dividend that is going to come (ideally with a due date), then make it a full entry when the dividend is paid.

I do agree things like Android ISA need to come first though.


I love dividends.
I have always stuck to long term thinking, HOWEVER I have nearly wavered and strayed off course but then I’ve received a dividend which has pushed me back on the straight and narrow.
Dividends are like a wage, a confirmation of the power of compounding, a motivator.
In due course the dividend bells and whistles will be great.


Sounds like you’re getting some big dividends. I’m just in pennies per dividend myself but I hope to grow them to be something worth shouting about. :+1:t3:


Only small dividends Chris but you have to start that snowball and let it roll. They help to keep my mindset focused as I have a boring strategy that I do nothing so the dividends are the only real activity.
If your buying the market as an ETF as the market falls the yield rises and that’s another thing that helps me stay on the long term path.

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I’m only on a basic account right now and not seriously trading atm (personal stuff going on right now) but if i get serious dividends, how do i add ISA’s onto my app?. I’m only using my regular bank account at the moment…and do i get taxed once received on Freetrade or once it’s withdrawn? I cant find the answer to this

If you want to transition to an ISA in the future, you’ll need to sell everything in your “basic” (GIA) and rebuy them in your ISA. It’s possible Freetrade might automate this in the future, but that’s still basically what has to happen, with the ISA allowance and capital gains tax ramifications.

You won’t be taxed on sale or withdrawal, you’ll need to inform HMRC (either by writing/calling them or submitting a self assessment) of any tax matters arising (incurring capital gains exceeding the annual exemption, exceeding the dividend tax allowance, or selling more than 4 times the annual capital gains tax allowance, regardless of actual gains) and they’ll levy any tax arising on you at that point.

Thank you Zain! You are a prophet and a squire. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Or include in the monthly statement? I think a record needs to appear somewhere.


Would it also not be useful to see which companies pay out a dividend & how much when you go into Discover & click into a company?


I think this would be great but I think some sort research should be done buy the investor. But for those who buy and expect a dividend there should be some sort of record or exactly how much you received.

Something along the lines of a tag against the company to say it pays dividends & that’ll make the investor research it. :+1:

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The yield is what is normally shown. Any decent source of financial info will have this stat, and eventually freetrade will too I’m sure.


It’ll definitely be on the roadmap somewhere or will appear over time.

It already is :smile: It’s the ‘Rich Activity Feed’ card