Dividend statements-second try

I saw there was a discussion about this matter some months past and the reply from Freetrade was that this is planned for the future, however I couldn’t find any more info about this. It is strange not to include it in the montly statement, its a part of the portfolio in a way.
If this has already be resolved, could somebody be so kind to explain to me how to get the statement on the dividend? Regards, Olafur

This is just speculation on my part, but I feel like it’s probably safe to assume that things not on the roadmap aren’t priorities and will happen when they happen. Not great, I realise and I could be wrong. I’d like to be. Smaller things may well appear without warning, but :freetrade: staff are generally very good at communicating about the things on which they’re working. Again, I’d love to be wrong and I would like to be able to be more helpful.

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