Dividend tracker

Hi everyone!

I have tried to search but didn’t come up with anything.
Is there any word on if Freetrade will add some form of dividend tracker within the app?

It would be nice to be able to track income easily!
Also I’m very new to posting on here so please forgive any mistakes.



Hi @Jords welcome to the forum, thanks for posting. This is probably a feature than FT will add as it fits nicely with the stated aim of FT, to build with long term investing in mind.

Those of us who’ve been here a while have seen all kinds of features and listings shipped. They’ve slowed up recently as the team a building out the European stock / EU launch.

Here are a few resources that might be worth reading if you haven’t already.

I used dividendmax.com for a while. I didn’t sign up for the monthly fee, because I haven’t invested enough to warrant the 120 odd quid per annum. This aside, the service is remarkable.

I dearly wish FT would provide a div tracker, and also let us sort stocks by dividend yield in app.

I use an app called stock events (the free version) although I may upgrade as its been so good. Has details about dividends, tells you what you have received month by month and what you can expect next year. I’ve been looking for such an app for a while and it ticks all of the boxes. Lots of charts to play around with and I keep finding additional options.