Dividend tracker in app

Can we implement a dividend tracker that shows us the annual/quarter/month/day/hour dividends we’re receiving

Total received per holding would also be useful :+1:


Have to agree, for those of us that are trying, with foolish hope, to build a residual income to suppliment our meagre pension this would be essential. Currently having to use DiviTrack, even this could be better…

Hi Peacop, I haven’t heard of Divitrack is it free or a subscription site if so how much is it ?

looks alright. only 10 tickers for free option. personally I use trackyourdividends.com only downside is no UK stocks…unless there is a US ADR equivalent.

I only need 3 additions to the app as far as dividend tracking goes

rolling monthly/yr total on the activity tab.
filter activity per position so I can see all the dividends per stock
some kind of calendar view where we can track upcoming payments.

tbh between online resources and my own gSheets I track all this anyway, and any solution is likely to be half assed as FTs data feed does not cover Canadian stocks for some reason. (I have 3 CAD positions and none have dividend info).