Dividend Total Feature

Seen this mentioned a few times on Reddit subs from people using other platforms - could Freetrade implement something that shows the combined value of dividends paid in a certain period and a future value which changes as sp fluctuates , payments announced etc ?

At the moment have to flick between each stock and use alternative sites where you can enter shares and they give a forecast.


I second this. It would also be useful to have a calendar for any upcoming dividend dates(declare, ex and payment date etc).


Also, if talking about dividends, more established providers also give “Dividends receivable” value, which is important to correctly assess portfolio value - say if you are invested in the stock which pays 8% dividend, on the ex-div date your portfolio will lose 8% in one day. And when dividend is actually paid out, it will pop up 8%.

At least the way current Freetrade implementation works.

The correct way is to have “Dividends receivable” balance between exdiv and payment date, which corrects for the fluctuation. Other more established providers do this. Though I know that dividends are messy and Freetrade team probably wants to stay away from this for as long as possible.

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I just know that if I enter my stocks on a certain website then it gives me a collated view of expected dates , amounts etc

This doesn’t seem like a big ask for Freetrade when said website is free and gets as revenue from adverts they show when you use the site - suggesting it gets a fair few views.

The actual dates are already being fed into Freetrade , they just need to better allow users to view them beyond clicking each share and scrolling down.

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