Divident information freetrade

Liking the new feature which shows the divident information on each stock but it doesnt show tbis information for etfs or bonds anyone know why ?

I think it’s because the information links into a source which doesn’t have all of the stocks listed. I don’t know if there is a connection but if you look at the dividendmax website, most of the iShares ETFs and a few other companies aren’t there annoyingly!

The other problem with the dividend information on FreeTrade is, that good though it is, it doesn’t update fast enough. Many of the companies still show their ex-dates as October/November and dividends as December. Again like I’ve said elsewhere, the information on the app is unfortunately of limited use so my trusty Excel spread sheet again records ex-dates, expected dividends, etc. Try this website, it’s free and I’ve found it to be pretty good so far:


Thanks yes still poor ive noticed. Shame really

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