Dividend payments late

Can anyone explain why it takes up to 5 working days to have dividends posted to account. Other platforms post almost immediately. My wife has a small dividend which was due on Friday last ( now Tuesday evening) . No dividend although same share on other platform dividend paid out on Friday to my account. This is only a small amount but I have shares held on Freetrade with a much larger amount being due, another question why keep on Freetrade if it takes so long to get your money?


I always get mine on the exact day so never had this issue but yeah ive heard it could take a upto a week after

There is no explanation. Its pot luck with FT. Supposedly admin time to process but I never bought it since surely its all done electronically, but in fairness I have no clue.

Sometimes you get it on the day, other times its late by a few days. Annoying as a few of mine were late past over the past week and missed some juicy dips.

Curious though which platform posts immediately?

Im due one from i3e on Friday and haven’t received it yet. I wasn’t going to follow up until it had been a few days but I agree it’s slightly annoying.

To be fair though, it’s the first one I can remember being late for many months.

Which one would you like. This is for I3e shares. Posted on Friday by HL. AJB. II. IG. to name but a few. Last month Freetrade was next day, this month guess I will have to wait.

I see. Interesting. FT has been better in recent times, but seem to be slacking again lately.

For instance I had two payouts on the 1st. Both US stocks. One was in the account the next day (2nd) I didnt get the second one till the 8th. No logic

In all those cases I believe they pay dividends regardless of then the broker its self receives them.

What dividend are you waiting for?

No they quite clearly only pay after receipt from the company. I don’t think any platform pays before they receive. For instance HL has me wait for dividends from CTY because CTY sends them a cheque although that is due to be changed. The share in question with Freetrade is i3E. Last month paid a day late, this month who knows.

I’m the same, usually i3e is paid the same day around closing time. No reason for the delay as it’s UK based. My PBRA took a week last time.

It’s not exactly confidence building is it? One would hope they are improving, especially given the fee increases.

Do they sit on the payment for 5 days to earn interest? Another one of mine not been paid today, but it’s American so might take a week…

US stocks sometimes are next day.

I’d just ask them if you have a late dividend

App says need to wait 5 days before telling them dividends late.

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Just asked them on chat and got the usual “it’ll be within 5 days”

I3E just dropped

Delayed dividend payments does seem to be happening again. I had four separate payments due on Friday, none of which have landed yet. Historically they’ve been on the day/within a day.

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But they do state upto 5 working days so not sure on the issue

That’s right, it improved for a while but I’m still waiting on 8 from end March.

Up to 5 working days is all very well but frankly, while I don’t mind the odd one being more than 24-hours, I find it unacceptable if the majority of UK stocks are.

‘Up to 5 days’ is coverall term just to lower expectations - banks say that faster payments will take ‘up to 4 hours’ but they always happen instantly. I haven’t complained to FT, because 5 days is the service standard they have set. However, comparatively 5 days seems to be a poor standard for the majority of UK stocks. Within a day seemed to be the norm, but it’s slipped back again.

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Is this happening on other platforms as well?
Waiting for VWRL, VHYL and BP.