3 day delay in dividend payment

Is there usually a 2 day delay from U.S dividend payout dates and when it lands in your FT account?

Just noticed it was the case on my first ever dividend.


Yes, I find that Freetrade are slow with adding dividends to accounts (compared to other brokers I use) but I don’t really mind as long as the dividends get paid in the end.

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That’s interesting because I seem to have been getting US dividends on the same day they’re paid

Trading 212 are lot slower

Yep mine too, I’ve found my payments have been the same day. What payment are you due?

Yes there seems to be another thread about delays on dividend payments from another customer; so i’m quite sure it’s an old issue that hasn’t been quite resolved yet despite the predictable FT fanboy input.

It was something to do about admin delays…As you say as long as i know and i still get them then it’s fine…Would have been good to know before hand is all.

Currently, I used https://www.dividendmax.com/ to track what divis are on their way so I know when to expect them and how much

I know when the dividends are going to be paid out and how much…I just didn’t know about the FT delay.

My experience has generally been UK stocks getting same day dividend payments from FT. US stocks over the past year I’ve generally got the day after.

Although this week I waited 3 days for a US dividend to come through, first time I’ve had that happen. Maybe there was a holdup, maybe things have slowed down with more users or maybe its being held along with others for interest purposes. Just my experience.

Maybe it depends on the U.S. company itself?

Why would it depend on the US company itself? They pay out on the day they say they do and its a system that’s operated for years?

US friends got theirs on the day they were due, some Canadian friends got theirs a day later which was the norm for them… So the delay is very clearly on the brokerage side here.

I believe it is also …Just trying to play devils advocate…It might not be a perfect system.

I just got a dividend for $O today on time as usual. Just posting for reference.

Perhaps there’s some specific companies that are slightly delayed in paying out?

I’ve been waiting 2 days for a payout from another U.S holding also…The first one was Johnson & Johnson and the current one is Realty Income Corp; so it’s unlikely it’s anything but a Freetrade holdup that hasn’t been rectified from the past.

Interesting that ive been paid my realty income dividend today and you haven’t yet?

I’ve checked several times…My calculations are correct and it’s definitely a Freetrade hold up…Again.

I wouldn’t know, I’m not using T212 but it will be intriguing to know when they take on new customers and i join.

It’s not good that different customers are getting dividends at different times for the same holding…Not good at all.

They take a few weeks