Divident payments

Why are freetrade so slow at paying out dividents i have 6 stocks due to be paid out today and not 1 has been find it hard to believe not one has gone in on time


I received dividends today which were due today.

In the case of shell which I think is one of the ones your talking about, I’ve not asked why it’s delayed. But this isn’t the only platform it’s delayed on as far as I can tell.

Have you asked?

Got 6 out of 7 today unpaid that isnt the issue. Its the fact 1 has been paid and ive not had the certificate

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I have had delays 2 dividend payments I had asked and bot responded that payments will be made within 5 working days now this is news to me , as I haven’t seen any correspondence ti this effect.

This is frustrating and confusing. I have spoken to support about this and it is caused by the servers having to make so many transactions all at once and not keeping up with the task.

I have suggested that customers receive a running balance, because it is very hard to see what is going on in our accounts. For instance I received Shell dividend today but the activity feed dumped the notification back on the 27th, 2 activities back from when FT made the payment.

I have thought that a dividend was missing, as have others, when in fact it came in and had bought shares with it but didn’t realise, then the activity feed notification arrives after the event.

I imagine it is hard to scale this stuff, so give them some slack, but keep reminding FT that it is a royal pain in the arse!