Divident payments

Why are freetrade so slow at paying out dividents i have 6 stocks due to be paid out today and not 1 has been find it hard to believe not one has gone in on time


I received dividends today which were due today.

In the case of shell which I think is one of the ones your talking about, I’ve not asked why it’s delayed. But this isn’t the only platform it’s delayed on as far as I can tell.

Have you asked?

Got 6 out of 7 today unpaid that isnt the issue. Its the fact 1 has been paid and ive not had the certificate

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I have had delays 2 dividend payments I had asked and bot responded that payments will be made within 5 working days now this is news to me , as I haven’t seen any correspondence ti this effect.

This is frustrating and confusing. I have spoken to support about this and it is caused by the servers having to make so many transactions all at once and not keeping up with the task.

I have suggested that customers receive a running balance, because it is very hard to see what is going on in our accounts. For instance I received Shell dividend today but the activity feed dumped the notification back on the 27th, 2 activities back from when FT made the payment.

I have thought that a dividend was missing, as have others, when in fact it came in and had bought shares with it but didn’t realise, then the activity feed notification arrives after the event.

I imagine it is hard to scale this stuff, so give them some slack, but keep reminding FT that it is a royal pain in the arse!


I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated with the delays in receiving dividend payments from FT. Hence I bought a small number of shares in Unilever which I also hold in my Hargreaves Lansdown and AJ Bell accounts. Interestingly the funds hit my HL & AJB accounts on the same day Unilever paid them (15th June), they hit my FT account on the 19th. I appreciate that there was a weekend in there but still, a 2-3 working day delay does seem excessive and I do hope this is a scale-up issue and not being done to improve cash flow. As I write I’m now waiting for two more payments from the 23rd June (now 29th).


Yup, I’m up to 5 working days for one of mine and whole heap of ETFs that were paid out this week with no sign of them. Quite irritating

In another thread they’ve said there’s already plans to improve this system

I’ve seen the post about improvements and I hope we start to see the benefits soon. Im still waiting on the BP dividend which was due last Friday, so nearly a week late. What is strange is that others have been paid on the day or soon after, so its not consistent.

I had a divi at the start of the month that was paid on the payment day.

Its a small AIM stock and we probably don’t have many holders on FT. So less work for FT to get through.

Im guessing its a numbers game. FT are small and have limited staff compared to more expensive brokers.

So the trade off with FT is an affordable service that takes it a little longer to get things done.

But as already said, they are working on speeding it up as and when they can.

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I’m waiting for BP dividends too !

FT normally pay within 5 days but not this time ?

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