Spreadsheet for the property stocks on Freetrade

Made a spreadsheet for the property stocks on Freetrade with dividend yield and share price. Will be adding other investment matrices soon.

I will also be covering some of the UK REITS on seeking alpha, do check them out if you are interested.


This is great. Thank you.

I’ve been looking for an automated way to create this kind of spreadsheet so that I can plan my portfolio. Do you have any tips on how to do this?

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Hi Syafiqk92, thanks for checking it out! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do it via automation and am also finding for a smarter way to do it. Google finance does not cover a lot of U.K. stocks and REITs especially. I’m interested in property finance and real estate investing so I do my own research on the REITs and read their annual reports.

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@Gerald @Syafiqk92
Give the finki API a go
It works nicely in Google sheets or Excel
Any datapoints/API calls you need just let me know and I can bang them together fairly quickly.


This is amazing. Thanks.

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Glad you like it.
Anything you need let me know.


Hi finki

I’ve tried it and it works great. Thank you for creating this amazing tool.

Can I ask for one advice?

Say I have a spreadsheet with ISIN number in one column and I want to create a colum such that it gets the bid price for the relevant ISIN.

I don’t know what’s the Excel equivalent of this but something like this in Python.

=getString("https://www.finki.io/callAPI.php?isin=" + "%s" + "&function=ukBid", ISIN) \\ where ISIN is the value in the ISIN column

The idea is to fill it in one box and just drag that box across the whole column and have that fill automatically. Does this makes sense?

I’m not sure how to Google this.

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So you’re using it in Excel?

If so I believe it’s called anchoring. Google it.

You “lock” the formula to the relevant cell.

So, say you ISIN was always in A1. Instead of =A1, you =$A$1
Or lock the column but not the row, $A1
Or lock the row but not the column , A$1

Same in Google Sheets I believe.

Am I understanding you correctly?

ps Glad you’re enjoying it! Apparently so are lots of other folk. The number of API calls to this thing daily is now pretty massive. I’m glad it’s useful.

I just realised where I have gone wrong. The following formula now works.


Thanks. It’s a great tool.

Careful of the WEBSERVICE function it sometimes gets ‘stuck’ and requires a refresh. If it causes you issues let me know and I’ll code you a VBA function that’ll work much better…

=WEBSERVICE(“https://www.finki.io/callAPI.php?isin=" & F8 &"&function=ukBid

Should work too. ‘&’ is equivalent to CONCATENATE

This one looks cleaner. Thanks.

Loving this!

When will there be a demo Excel sheet published? I know you published a Google Sheet but what about us old school Excel folk?

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I’ve pinged you a link to an Excel demo sheet. It shows how to get the data into Excel super simples. It works better than the inbuilt WEBSERVICE function. Make sure your Security Levels allow for background code. Any issues ping me.


I’ve put a list of most of the REITs on the FTSE here in case any one is interested:



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