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Now that we’ve launched US stocks, this is available in the app :us:

Feel free to create a new #investing-and-markets topic & share your thoughts about Google’s future with the community :speech_balloon:

Google is 21 today. You probably can’t do your job spend one day without googling something.

This book should help anyone understand how they work. It’s a little bit outdated but it has been updated once already. Written by the people who were there from the beginning.

All 50 ideas from the authors in one Google doc here: from

@Viktor is a Xoogler :call_me_hand:


This sounds like a challenge. Which I have now accepted.

On topic, one thing to keep in mind about google is that despite all its technology and services, it is at its core an advertising company that sits on top of technology. Almost the entirety of its profits is derived from advertising not any of its other services. They all serve a single purpose to collect data to sell more ads.

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Also this Cloud thing is taking off, though behind AWS and $MSFT Azure. But it’s $8billion.

Yeah like amazon the cloud thing is an odd side business though make sense. But 8 billion is a drop in the water, something like over 100 billion is from advertising, something like 90% of their revenue.

Wing :helicopter: is so cool

  • Alphabet’s drone delivery company Wing said it’s launched its first commercial delivery.
  • It’s the first commercial drone delivery, beating out competitors Amazon and Uber.
  • The company is partnering with Walgreens and FedEx.

Also, :burrito::burrito::burrito::burrito::burrito: delivery in :australia: Australia.

Burritos! Enough said.



Wing may not be contributing profits quite yet, but $GOOGL’s Q3 earnings will be reported today:

Google in talks to acquire Fitbit


Google acquires Fitbit

How will Freetrade handle this on their side? Has a stock on Freetrade been acquired before?

@Ian I’ve just attended an event where they announced this.

Given that you’re a young company that uses GCP and doesn’t have much technical debt, you may be able to start doing data science with TensorFlow 2+ (and/or PyTorch 1.3+) and skip the :ghost: TF 1.x releases altogether.

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Nice! Thanks @engineer

Cache :dollar:

The project, according to a Wall Street Journal exclusive, is titled Cache and is expected to launch sometime in 2020. Citigroup and Stanford Federal Credit Union were named as partners—as in the financial institutions that would handle the logistics.

Google Stadia is here :video_game: Multiplatform game streaming FTW (maybe)

This is what OnLive was meant to be. Perhaps, OnLive was ahead of its time… it was sold to Sony and shut down in 2015.

RIP OnLive. Great concept.

But the new streaming :crossed_swords: is here. And it’s about video games. NVidia vs Sony vs Google vs…

For $129 bucks or £119, you get a Google Stadia controller, a Chromecast Ultra for your TV, 3 subscription months. Then you have to pay $9.99 or £8.99 per month for a standard package or more for a 4K version. Plus you have to buy games, apparently.

Here is a list of available games so far:

Looks neat on a phone:

But there may be lag:


I was able to stream two of my favorite games from Google’s selection, “Destiny 2” (which I hadn’t played before now) and “Red Dead Redemption 2,” in high resolution and with max graphics right to a Chrome web browser on a MacBook Pro, and to the app on a Pixel 3a and Chromecast Ultra Google loaned me for the test. That wasn’t possible before Stadia, and it’s pretty incredible. To get these sort of graphics before, you either needed to shell out around $300-$400 for a console, or about $1,000 for a gaming computer.

Once you’ve installed the app and chosen a user name, you can start to buy games. They’re not cheap, though Google offers slight discounts through Stadia if you pay for the Stadia Pro subscription. A free version of the service offers up to 1080p streaming of the games you purchase instead of 4K, but it doesn’t include free games or discounts.

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I wonder if there is any noticeable lag when streaming the games as opposed to playing locally.

Very impressive work from Google AI in 2019.

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Fractionals can’t come fast enough.



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1 Trillion!