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Recently added this to my portfolio due to strong growth in the business and the stock price. Anyone else have a position in the future of yoga pants and running gear? :woman_in_lotus_position:

One of the winners of the lockdown. Online sales surged 200% , and 33% of the sales were online even before Covid-19 anyway.

I’m also reading and hearing people only wear a nice top, and “athleisure” pants for video calls.

Too late to buy?

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I don’t buy fashion brands because I believe they’re too fickle. I do think lululemon’s type of fitspo athletic wear is here to stay, but I don’t know how successful their overpriced stuff will continue to be. True luxury goods typically weather downturns quite well, but these are just leggings.

But it’s not a surprise that stretchy athletic wear is popular during lockdown. Lots of articles about the covid comfort dressing boom.

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Thanks for your reply.

Based on everything I read and my wife (who is always ahead of these trends), I think this trend is here to stay and I plan to invest a small amount next month with the hope it will over perform the S&P 500.

Now I just need to figure out the right price point and the stocks. has to get there, no big deal.

Anecdotally, my other half is doing a shitload of yoga during lockdown. So there’s that :joy:

I’m actually doing yoga during lockdown, it’s a great complimentary exercise to rock climbing/bouldering.

I’m not paying $128 equivalent for pants though :rofl:

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But will you pay $500M for a mirror? Lululemon getting in on a Peloton-esque product.

Is the mirror broken? I seem to be having a lot of bad luck with lululemon shares since they bought this company :flushed:

What happened today? Have they broken another mirror!

Oversold and offered at a reasonable price.