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Someone trying to pick up a bargain today? :smile:

Mayyyyyyybe :shushing_face:

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This would be great to have on there

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We’ve now added Asos to the app, along with a couple more AIM listed stocks :boom:

ASOS reported a YoY fall in profits, and their shares are up 25% today. Bonkers, although their shares have been on a losing streak for a year. I never see that sort of 1 day gain unless it’s an acquisition.

It’s all about expectation. When the majority of analysts believe the eps to be £1 and the company reveals it to be an actual £1.25, the stock goes up 25%. Nothing to do with past-performance or anything else.

CEO just dropped 50k on some new shares…


He’ll be looking on intently


65% down over the last month. Quite a hefty drop for an online only operation.

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Quite a large jump this morning. Anyone know why?

It’s about 6% up today. No news in the media, so I assume it’s just traders think that 60% decrease over the past month is low enough and they can get in.

They had a nice rise today. I managed to average down from £20-ish to around £12. It looks pretty again… looks even prettier in Freetrade as the app calculates gains on a first in first out ( fifo ) basis which shows a gain of around 42% instead of the 29% mark that it should be.

BooHoo has done well today as well.

Trading Statement for the four months ended 30 June 2020

It looks good. Rise …in ‘lockdown’ products categories (casualwear, activewear, face + body)…. Overall 10% rise in sales, small drop in the U.K. but ROW and EU saw solid growth.


Asos is on another boom! Wonder if it could hit 70 like 2018?

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ASOS pre-close trading update. Sales and profit are to be significantly ahead of market expectations. There has been a significant and sustained reduction in returns rates since April in part due to lockdown categories, and also prolonged shift in customer behaviour towards more deliberate purchasing across all product categories.