2X more UK stocks 🇬🇧

There are others like the iShares SWDA who have very big trading volume and have 20 votes which was requested last year. MSCI World and EM ETFS we have only one each even though they are the bread and butter of most passive investors. Instead we have two robotic sector ETFs before. There is a need of at least accumulating and distributing options of each variant really. I enjoy the latest developments of adding more ETFs but its the bare minimum atm. I am aware that ETF and passive investments might be not as sexy and easy to sell for millenials as Tesla or AI/tech sector ETFs, however for life savings a good variety of ETFs with reasonable TER and wide diversification is essential.
I hope to see the SWDA or similar on Freetrade soon :slight_smile:


paypoint :+1::tickets:

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is there a seperate list for ISA investors?

New stocks dropping in your app later today, including a number of AIM stocks. We can’t wait! :watch::eyes:


Ace news on friday :grinning:

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Ready, AIM… new stocks have arrived :tada:

We’re expanding our universe of AIM-listed stocks!

Abcam, a Cambridge life sciences company, on the AIM

You’ve already had ASOS, Fever-Tree, and Boohoo on your Freetrade app for some time, three well-known AIM-listed companies.

But what even is AIM?

It’s a junior tier of the London Stock Exchange. Smaller, less viable companies are able to list there. One of the cool things about AIM is that you pay no stamp duty when you buy those shares. The downside is, these are smaller, riskier businesses. As always, do your research!

The AIM stocks going live today:

  • Abcam plc
  • RWS Holdings
  • Secure Income REIT
  • Clinigen Group plc
  • Blue Prism Group PLC
  • GB Group PLC
  • Keywords Studios PLC
  • Breedon Group PLC
  • Gamma Communications PLC
  • Hurricane Energy PLC
  • First Derivatives PLC
  • Highland Gold Mining

Also in this week’s additions are three ETFs:

  • iShares Ageing Population UCITS ETF
  • iShares Edge MSCI World Momentum Factor UCITS ETF
  • iShares S&P SmallCap 600 UCITS ETF

Along with 10 LSE-listed stocks:

  • Biffa
  • Merchants Investment Trust
  • NB Global
  • Civitas Social
  • Chemring Group
  • Chesnara
  • Standard Life Private Equity Trust
  • Morgan Sindall Group plc
  • JPJ Group plc
  • Scottish American Investment Co plc
  • Picton Property Income ltd
  • DFS Furniture plc
  • Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon plc

Let us know what you think of this week’s new additions.

And which other AIM stocks you’d like us to add!


Thanks for more gold options.

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Awesome to see the MSCI World Momentum Factor!
Any idea if the Ishares MSCI World Acc.(SWDA) will come or does it not match the criteria?

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Would love AB Dynamics added!! Very strong AIM performer

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That ETF is quite infrequently traded, so we don’t foresee adding it in the near future.


All new stocks added today dont seen to be showing their prices for me.

For those interested, SWDA is offered by Trading 212, which is also commission free

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I’ve checked, and there are only one or two we can see with data issues – DM me if you do find others, thanks in advance!

All working now thanks

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Thanks for clarifying this. I take it the SWDA fund size of GBP 14,916m does not mean its frequently traded in London. Interesting.


JustETF lists eight; unfortunately, FT offers none of them.

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I can’t find Twentyfour income fund ltd on the app

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Any plans of adding another MSCI World ETF thats distributing but lower TER if the accumulating ones are out? Like the HSBC MSCI World? Or will we not see any other MSCI World than the one currently listed any time soon?


Bit of coincidental timing… JPJ is now Gamesys with ticker GYS due to completion of acquisition. Might want to update that in your static data. It might also be why you don’t have price data for Friday as the ticker went live in the morning.

Side note: Not that I’d intentionally buy stock in an online gambling firm directly… I’d plead ignorance if that detail is hidden behind an obscure ETF name.


You’re right. So in all, these are the differences between what was announced, and what was added is below (apart from my JPJ post above).

On announcement but missing from app are:

  • TwentyFour Income Fund ltd
  • Emis Group Plc
  • Learning Technologies Group plc
  • Diversified Gas & Oil Plc

Missing from announcement but on app are:

Edit: @Freetrade_Team will the ones missing from the app be added in this week’s batch?