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Shopify is a Canadian company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, which offers a proprietary e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.

The platform offers online retailers of a suite of services “including payments, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools to simplify the process of running an online store for small merchants.”

SHOP is already available in the app

This Canadian tech shoppping firm looks mega. It’s been off my radar until the recent earnings. Small companies use it to sell stuff (see one of the charts at the bottom of this post). It’s very cool.

FT a few days ago:

…Shopify’s shares, which first listed on the New York Stock Exchange in May 2015, have been on a tear this year. The stock has climbed more than 150 per cent since the beginning of 2019, making Shopify more valuable than well-known internet companies including Twitter, Square and Spotify

“I had to remind everyone in [corporate messaging app] Slack that our share price is based on supply and demand, and is something that Wall St does,” said Mr Lütke, comparing the equity markets to sports betting.

But tech industry observers have suggested that Shopify’s move into fulfilment puts it on a collision course with Amazon itself — a battle that few ecommerce companies have fought and won. It also adds a layer of complexity to what is already a tangled relationship.

“Instagram has been the most phenomenal growth vector for small businesses,” said Mr Lütke. “It’s a great way to tell stories about products that Amazon, with its static pictures and very sanitised listings, doesn’t offer people.”

“Sometimes, I would rather have a competitor because it’s easier to run your company if you have one because you don’t have to rely so much on intrinsic motivation,” he said. “You can just point at someone and say, ‘Hey, they want us dead!’ — and that’s actually a great motivator.”

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There is an Acquired FM episode about Shopify. One of their first shops was Tesla Motors! I understand Shopify still powers the Tesla store.

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Shopify secondary offering 1.9m shares :thinking:

eBay struggling with Shopify and Amazon leading the e-shopping :shopping:. There was a time when eBay was a thing. eBay: Slow Internet.

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:eyes: nearly $1m, and just over 10k orders a minute when I checked.


Black Friday results:


Great article if you haven’t read it already (it’s from July):

At first glance, Shopify isn’t an Amazon competitor at all: after all, there is nothing to buy on And yet, there were 218 million people that bought products from Shopify without even knowing the company existed.

The difference is that Shopify is a platform: instead of interfacing with customers directly, 820,000 3rd-party merchants sit on top of Shopify and are responsible for acquiring all of those customers on their own.

They are starting to offer loans:


Surely not just me who is interested in Shopify?! Up 185% in the last year!

I really like shopify but worry about buying an over valued stock given it meteoric rise

Up 10% pre-market on an earnings beat.


That’s from Shopify’s CTO.


Shopify has gone a bit crazy in the last month. At all-time highs.


Around 2bn in revenue, negligible/0 profit, around 70bn valuation. What’s the bull case for shopify?

Massive growth. Essentially the new amazon. I am sad I didnt buy a couple of years ago.

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Shopify Inc. reported first-quarter revenue that topped analysts’ estimates as businesses moved swiftly online during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sales grew by 47% to $470 million from the same quarter a year ago, Ottawa-based Shopify said in a statement Wednesday. Analysts had expected about $443 million, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

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