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I would love for this stock to be added to Free Trade!

Currently on my watch list. JD has had strong equity, revenue and EPS growth for the last 5 years, 3 years and 1 year. With only a small dividend yield and roughly 6% payout ratio, most of the profits are being plowed back into the company in the form of acquisitions and opening up new stores all around the world. The Executive Chairman has also bought stock in 2017 and 2018 which is never the worst sign!

Nevertheless, there are risks around Brexit, as EU stores are dependent on being sourced from UK warehouses. Although the company is looking into opening an EU hub.

JD’s share price is currently high due to good Christmas sales, but I am definitely interested in investing in this company in the near future and would be great if it could be added :pray:

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We’ve now added JD Sports to our Stock Universe :partying_face:

Feel free to create a new #investing-and-markets topics & share your thoughts about JD’s future with the community :athletic_shoe: :speech_balloon:

Does anyone know if JD Sports have a strong e-Commerce game, similar to Nike and others? Wen the lockdown is over, I doubt customers get back to stores in droves (I might be wrong).

The share price collapsed, but I’m sure all of us who invested hope for a swift recovery.

They delayed the release of their full-year results, maybe until the second half of May.

All of the stores in the UK, US and Europe are closed due to corona but the online channels remained open - it would be interesting to see if traffic to those channels went up, if anyone has a way to see or approximate that.

I sold out a couple of weeks ago but if they stop online sales like Next, River Island and others have done this week then surely this is going to have a negative effect.

The impact of Covid-19 on Boohoo v. JD Sports couldn’t be more different.

Boohoo is doing well: Boohoo is up 30% over the last week, anyone know why? - #3

While the share price of JD Sports has failed to recover from its coronavirus lows.

A couple of statements about JD’s customer base from the article:

"This is partly owing to its core younger customer base which has less access to credit cards.

“The highest proportion of employees in shut down sectors, eg retail and hospitality, are in the under 25 cohort which is where JD’s core customer resides,” it pointed out.

I think that’s true of Boohoo’s customers as well. The main reason why the stock is not doing well, I think-

JD’s online penetration has historically been on the low side.

Does anyone have any insights why JD Sports didn’t do well, while other e-commerce fashion companies did?

I looked at the shareholders funds, and total equity and it adds up to around 110p a share. Current market price is 610p a share. These have gone to the moon. The market thinks they are going to make a lot of money in the future, but they are not making it yet…

Can anyone tell me how JD dropped about 65% on the 30th December plz?

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There was a 5:1 stocksplit. The freetrade chart hasn’t yet been updated.

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Why the big drop since?

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CEO Peter Cowgill resigns with immediate effect.

Sounds like auditors got involved. Hope that’s not bad news for the share price.

I’m like a really bad juggler, keep catching falling knives😬

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You should try and get worse, you’d stop catching the knives! :joy::joy:

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Anyone received their dividend on this share, which should of been paid on the 6th Jan ?