Monday Morning Milestones XIII - everything you need to know for the week ahead

Short look ahead at the week ahead. What are you looking at / away from this week? :eyes:

Monday morning will start with the Nationwide UK house price index followed mortgage approvals and consumer credit update. Will rising interest rates slow down house price growth? You can still get pretty cheap money on decent fixed terms so Iโ€™d expect to see this continuing to rise.

The US house prices comes out later in the day along with consumer confidence. Itโ€™s Memorial Day is the US so with markets closed they should hopefully have time to digest the news.

:uk: Earnings

Quiet this week with B&M Bargains (BME) & Pennon (PNN) being the only ones of note I saw, did I miss anyone?

:us: Earnings

Salesforce will give good insight into the SaaS world and wether retention rates can be maintained.

HP have a new shareholder in Berkshire Hathaway, maybe weโ€™ll see what Mr Buffet et al liked so much about the company.

GameStop โ€ฆ Something something :rocket: something something hedgies.

Lulu Lemon - Down 24% YTD but still boasting a P/E for 39, itโ€™ll be interesting to see if the expensive yoga pants making lockdown darling can deliver.

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