The Weekend Read is back! ๐Ÿ™Œ ๐Ÿ—ž

Hey everyone,

Hope youโ€™re enjoying your Saturday dose of stock stories in the Weekend Read โ„ข.

Weโ€™ve had some amazing chats and suggestions for different companies and concepts over email. Just starting this thread to let people discuss different ideas (companies, trends etc) for new Reads together - note weโ€™ll likely cover stuff that you can invest in on Freetrade.


P.S. Hope you like the next one


After the week weโ€™ve just had I think doing one on esports would be a superb idea.


After the Fortnite millionaires?


Exactly, there must be countless listed technology companies involved behind the scenes! Itโ€™s also becoming a big market for betting companies

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Convatec. Iโ€™m 25% upon it in the last few weeks.

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I want to see more on alternative investment ideas if possible.

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On streaming companies and content owners, how that can differ for visual and audio. Would love to contribute if on audio

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Stocks v crypto in a similar way to the stocks v property post!

ESG investments would also be a good topic!


There was a recent corporate action by Whitbread, it might be interesting to hear how you handle such events from an operational point of view.

Youโ€™d need a good writer to jazz it up, but itโ€™d be interesting nonetheless.

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How to invest in lab-grown meat!


I have some general suggestions rather than topics:

  • โ€œdig deeperโ€ links at the end of the article

  • โ€œwhat weโ€™ve been readingโ€ section like this

  • Tweetable competition based on the article


New investment ideas/ Market research


Slightly off topic but I get duplicate Weekend Reads in my email, with a roughly 15 min delay every weekend. Is it just me?

You might have a dupe record in our mailing list. Buzz us back on the email or dm us here with your email and weโ€™ll clean it up.


I got 3 today I must be extra special

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Perhaps an article on the London Stock Exchangeโ€™s attempted acquisition of Refinitiv?


DM me with your email and Iโ€™ll see if I can sort :slight_smile:

Seeing as weโ€™re experincing a big sell off in the States due to Trumps tariffs on Chinese imports (amongst other things). Can I suggest tariffs & regulations knock on affect on the stock market as a topic?


yeah a newbie overview of whats happening to the markets this week. Red, Red, I see Red everywhere. And how not to panic.

How about a writeup on dividends? I have noticed there have been a lot of threads recently about monthly dividend stocks or the highest paying dividend stocks etc. Slightly concerned there is not much discussion on the other side of the coin and would like to see a balanced writeup on it