What's on your watchlist this week?

As a result of the recent market dip, which stocks do you think are currently undervalued?

So far, I’ve added BioNano Genomics (BNGO) & Rentokill (RTO) to my watchlist for this week.

I’m looking at Spotify, Crispr and may pick up something in the financial sector e.g. JP Morgan.

Separately it will be worth reviewing the 52 week high lists to see who the next winners may be as the economies open up in US/UK.

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I bought a gamestop share as a hedge :joy: its bloody worked too.


Same, liquidated most my stocks that were down -30% put it into GME.

Already made my losses back. Although my portfolio is very small currently. Hopefully this thing goes up more!

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You guys bought GME at today’s prices?!

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The trend seems to be upwards but still

Roblox is supposed to be trading from Wednesday, isn’t it ? I guess I’ll throw £50 in and see what happens .

PSH (Pershing Square Holdings), this has been trading at a discount to NAV (Net Asset Value) for some time and Ackman generally makes good calls (apart from Herbalife, but he is right it’s a pyramid scheme).

FCEL (FuelCell), DE (Deere), MELI (MercadoLibre - South American Amazon), NOK (Nokia) and emerging markets government debt.


Aapl, buying into this dip