ON THE DROP: What are you buying?

Curious to see what investment opportunities people are waiting for while things are on a decline.

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Technology Minerals has had a small dip today and has been doing well lately. Might be a good time to top up or buy in.


Upstart holdings and novavax - good time to Top up / long term.

Il just be keeping an eye on what I have and if can average down at all. Taylor wimpey is now showing in the red slightly. If dips much more will try grab some more. Other than that, as of today, nothing of mine has dipped far enough to tempt me.


Upstart just keeps bleeding. I have a feeling the bottom here could be $70 or less?

I took a position in greatland gold GGP not sure if I regret it now - we’ll see

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I gona wait till $80 and top up. In my point of view that stock have good potential.

Amazon at $2,900 seems good to me


im thinking the same!
would you say it still has more downside?

Also are you guys waiting to buy after the Fed speaking on wed?

I’m just averaging down on selective stocks and ETFs.

My main new position is in Warehouse REIT (£WHR) it’s not really dropped much as yet…

I also bought a couple of Disney shares.

They are already profitable and this is good, but due to their high concentration I’m not buying. 60% of their revenue comes from just one customer and their loan origination traffic relies heavily on Intuit (Credit Karma). However, this remains on my watchlist.

Personally, I don’t like concentration, that’s why I haven’t bought Affirm or Marqueta yet.

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I have Safestore REIT and it’s down just over 12% :unamused:

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A global passive ETF


ETH, DOT and BTC :grin:


kleenex to mop up my tears


Some -1x peloton or -3x short arkk. I think the peloton is doomed. At least i will get a lot of money from it :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

I intend to add some more Cloudflare (NET), they have dropped from the dizzy heights of $200 to below $100. Luckily bought them at $36 initially so still in profit


At $88 that’s quite a drop for NYSE: NET. OTH, it does have a lot going for it - it doesn’t mean it won’t fall another 50%. Be interesting to see what happens to this share price over the next 5-10 years.

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The stock price is approaching your target, but I don’t believe that’s the bottom.

Have to wait right now till they gona show Q4 - stock keep dropping every day…

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