Stock of the month - April 2020

Hello everyone :grinning:

Apologies for the late thread. But let’s go!

Hopefully your portfolios all look a little more respectable than when they did last month. It was grim on so many levels :woozy_face:, but the markets have recovered far better than I could have imagined in such a short space of time. :rocket:So was this a buy opportunity missed or have we a big dip yet to come? Either way it shows the importance of not timing the market. Dollar cost averaging remains one of the best ways of investing. I even managed to hit breakeven in April for a few days!

I have all my money invested. Why? Three reasons:

  1. I just don’t believe I can time the market
  2. I believe the stimulus package from the United States and other countries will make at least the big companies strong and we may not return to the March lows. The impact of this should make 2021 a great growth year.
  3. I don’t like holding cash. I’m invested for the long haul

There were many stocks that bounced back – I’m sure you will all have some cracking figures this month if you are new to investing. Some of you it will be clawing back, others will have made fantastic gains and think this stock market stuff is easy!

Greatland Gold rose 77% in April. This no income, AIM exploration miner I dipped in and out after wanting some cash for other stocks, then it soared a few days later (typical eh). But I examined it in detail and decided to get back in and with a lot more. I think this stock although only a miner explorer is a great prospect and one of the better Aim stocks. I really think everyone on here should have a holding on this. Keep an eye on the Greatland Gold thread. Surely it is prime takeover materials this year or next. I would expect to double or even triple the current share price.

Games Workshop – 32%. This was recovery as I never bought it in the month. It’s a solid niche market and has low debt and great fundamentals. Anyone who bought this during the dip has done really well.

Paypal - 31%. I noticed this was the number one downloaded finance app on google play store and along with its superb financials and the ever increasing amount we spend online it has to be a great future stock. I topped up in this during the month.

Amazon - 29%. But then right after April it announced it might make a loss and it dropped back. I topped up during the month.

Facebook - 29%. I topped up during the month. I don’t think this is an out of date social media Myspace/Bebo. It’s a company that’s evolving and expanding and is becoming increasingly integrated in business and society.

Stay safe everyone.


As per Freetrade’s policy always remember to do your own research.

Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

This is a discussion only thread and is not advice to invest in any particular stock.

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I sold almost all of my holdings in April so that I could move them to the ISA, so missed out on a few days of gains. Games Workshop has also been great for me this month, plus Boohoo.


Awesome write up, enjoyed the read.

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Some high density punning there. :+1:


I’m about to start doing the same. When you sell your shares can you specify what account your money
it goes in? Because if it goes back to the basic account it won’t help me purchase shares in my ISA.

You can either withdraw the money to your bank then pay it into the ISA, or you can ask in chat for them to move the funds - it does take time tho, I found it helpful but not quicker really then simply witthdrawing & paying back into ISA manually


I had some luck with GGP getting in at 0.03 and WMH and 888 which rose 46.18% and 88% amusingly before the latest dip - still showing nice green figures on them all tho.

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Ok that’s great thanks :+1:

Halma has been good to me never been in the red zone yet.

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When you sell your shares the cash stays in your basic account. You can then ask Freetrade via chat to transfer the cash to your ISA- note it takes 3-5 working days to go through though. Alternatively you could withdraw the cash and then add it back to your ISA account manually from your bank account. I’ve requested a transfer recently and it took the full 5 working days.

I agree!!

Yeah, I’ve done this now. :blush:

Thanks, I will put the cash into my bank account then transfer to ISA.