Stock of the month - October 2019

Another green month? Stocks rallied, perhaps in part by another Brexit date delayed, Fed interest rate cut and just the usual rollercoaster that forms part of our entertainment in the markets.

Last month I reported on Sports Direct surging for me. I had decided a while back that I would close my position with this stock when it went green as I just feel it is too volatile and I’m not convinced long term or short term that it is a winner. I bought when it dipped and I closed out with a 10% profit.

Kraft Heinz was my top performer at 20%. It had suffered quite a bit losing 50% in the last year. I bought into it when it was down about 35% of that feeling that was a good safety margin. So happy to see it back in the green. I think there is still some growing/recovery room yet.

AMD was a similar story. It had dipped 20% since I bought it and recovered that in the last month.

Barclays made 3rd spot with at 17% recovery and I’m pleased to see the engines put on reverse for the falling banking stocks.

I’m a big fan of finance and I think the 2007 crash and subsequent troubles have made investors twitchy about these stocks. I think they are undervalued and long term money making institutions like banks tend to do well. Indeed finance makes up 29% of my portfolio, so I hope I’m right!

Beyond Meat took a hammering. I wanted to invest in this stock in the summer against my gut feeling that it was way overpriced as I liked its uniqueness and think the Vegan market is set to soar. However I should have stuck to my head and not my heart. The stock has tanked losing 44% this month.

As per Freetrade’s policy always remember to do your own research.
Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
This is a discussion only thread and is not advice to invest in any particular stock.

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It has been a very good month for US equities, even with companies that missed earnings like Google (+6%), Amazon (+3%). Those that did beat earnings did even better, Apple (+14%), AMD (20%).

An interesting win for me was Charles Schwab (+13%) (not on Freetrade) that I bought on the dip mid month for reasons in this thread - Charles Schwab to Eliminate Fees

I’m struggling to find any real loser in my portfolio, which is mostly US tech. I’m honestly expecting it to slip somewhat next month when some trade war bullshit erupts again.

The strengthening £ to $ had quite a negative impact this month. Took a fair hit on US stocks / dollar denominated funds ( eg. VWRL )


ASOS was my winner. I bought it because I didn’t believe the issues it was facing were long term. I bought at £24.40 and it’s now £33.60 (:arrow_double_up: 37.7%)

Next is Tesla, I bought as I believe it still has a lot of growing to do, :arrow_double_up: 27%.

I’ve also been hit by Beyond Meat, but still believe in their business, so will get some more whilst they’re on sale. (:arrow_double_down: 47%

$SPOT bounced back last month and looks like it was my strongest performer. There were some positive signs from its earnings report at the end of the month including growth in premium subscribers.

The worst performer was $ETSY which started 2019 very strongly but hasn’t maintained that growth as the year has gone on. However, revenues increased over 20% in Q3 2019 so this could translate into strong growth in 2020.

(as always, this is not a recommendation to buy or sell any particular stocks)

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I bought 1 share of Spotify when it was down. Only wish I added more.

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Tesla was a delight after holding on to this emotional choice throughout the rough summer. Spotify also here and I’m back into the green for Palo Alto Networks. I’ve been hammered by Beyond Meat and Pinterest but remain positive longer term.

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In my portfolio the best performance this months were:
-Abbvie (bought one shares at 60$,one at 70$ and one 72$, now is about 83) growth 12% last month. Ex dividend date October 11th, still waiting for the payment. I believe it has potential!
-Crispr therapeutics, took a 30% this months (after loosing 30% two months ago) I bought a couple of shares when it was down and Made a decent profit
-Avast, keep growing with a 12% this month.

Worst performance:
-McDonald, that lost 8-10% this month but with pound growing stronger against the dollar I am down more 25£ per share

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I achieved very good returns from my US shares this month. My choices for the next month:


Largest gains atm

Aviva up 9%
Robotics and Automation etf up 10%
Bank of America up 13%
Abbvie up 10%

I am not down by much on most of my stocks largest is around -4% and that is 3M

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