Stock of the month - May 2020

Hello everyone :grinning:

May was kind. Nothing too crazy, everything just ticking along upwards. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Maybe that is like a slow and painful death if you are sitting on cash waiting for another Covid-19 drop.

However, there was some serious winners in May too and you didn’t need to be an expert to get one! It was like a game of battleships with almost every square on the board occupied. Many stocks offered superb bounce opportunities almost everywhere. Anything remotely technology or cloud related probably was significantly higher by the end of the month. Did anyone even manage one that wasn’t?! Let me know! Certainly all my holdings were. I backed paypal in April for a quick recovery and I feel it was a good example of a stock unjustly struck by the virus. I reduced my holdings by around half towards the end of May, more than happy with the return.

I have decided that I want most of my portfolio to be in technology. What’s your preferred area? As a general rule Tech stocks have been among the most successful stocks of the last 20 years and I don’t see how most other sectors, including the financial sector, really coming close. As for retail, food and most consumables they are just not going to give me the kind of returns I want. I don’t want stocks paying me 5% dividends a year. I want my stocks growing by 20%! I need stock with exponential growth or that are shaped to transform my life in some way. Those are companies I want to invest in.

While I want my portfolio largely Tech based, I have almost broken my rule of investing to not own more than 20% of one stock unless I see something exceptional. Throughout April and May I have increased my shareholding in one stock substantially to the point it is now 1/3 of my portfolio. Step up Greatland Gold. This miner explorer in Australia has been an incredible story over the last year and for anyone holding it back early 2019 it is a 10 bagger. Unfortunately, I was unaware of it then, but I have done a lot of reading and watching and studying of it during this lockdown. Its share price has risen steadily all year and right on Friday afternoon a large institutional investor that turned out to be a speciliast in gold piled in and it has set the scene for another price launch. :rocket: It grew 20% in May, but I feel it’s gains will yet be largely June for me and be almost certainly my June stock of the month too and I feel I can’t keep that quiet.

I couldn’t encourage my readers any more to go and look at the info out there for this stock. Read the forums, watch the you tube videos and consider this one and consider its risk. I still think this stock has a lot to grow with its potential upside and worth a spot in any diversified portfolio. Yes, it has no income and is a loss making stock, but quite literally it is sitting on a gold mine. You can’t unfind gold and for that reason I believe the potential negative downside is limited. The share price was around 10.50 pence on 1 June. 14p by end of June would be a 33% increase with plenty potential to come if the results of the drilling are as good as the board have been leaking in media conferences and comments. I wouldn’t normally comment on stock speculating as it is not helpful and often based on personal fantasy. However, I truly believe this stock will be pushing 14p and I want to stick my neck out here and be prepared to eat a big slice of humble pie on the July stock of the month thread if it is less than its opening June price. Right, I’ve said it. Let’s see if that puts the mockers on it now…

Happy investing & stay safe.


As per Freetrade’s policy always remember to do your own research.

Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

This is a discussion only thread and is not advice to invest in any particular stock.

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For the sheer fact that it’s so cheap and I am not exposed to anything like this currently, I would look into buying once I have done a bit of research. What does anyone else think?

Biggest movers in my portfolio this month:

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I invested in GGP in April and pleased with the growth so far ( just wish I invested more). May was a very interesting month. My top performer was barclays which is up 35% my worst performer is (down 5 %) .