Your stock of the month - April 2019

So here I want to run a monthly thread if it proves popular (I’m sure that is ok with mods?) for us to celebrate your chief stock of the month. This isn’t quite the end of the month, but it is more of a discussion thread to share and perhaps discuss why as we reach the close of each month . Maybe at some point when I am not supposed to be studying I may do my own little uptake on why.

Since I am on android I only got on as a beta tester on first week of April hence why I couldn’t do this before.

My winner is Games Workshop. I bought it 4 April for £31.59 per share and it now sits at £41.12 which is a 30% increase.

In second place is Boohoo.I bought it for £1.92 per share and it now sits at £2.39 which is almost a 25% increase.

Markets jumped considerably in April and that is largely why many stocks everywhere had good gains. I found that a good number of my safe stocks such as Astrazenica, Shell etc all dipped a bit which slightly surprised me given the worldwide turn-up in the markets.

Edit: Disclaimer
As per Freetrade’s policy always remember to do your own research.
Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
This is a discussion only thread and is not advice to invest in any particular stock.


Nice idea Ben!

Just a quick reminder for anyone reading this thread who’s new to investing that just because a stock’s done well in one month that doesn’t mean that it will in the future or that you should buy it. You should always do you own research.

And for anyone who’s posting, please follow our investing chat guidelines :raised_hands:


I paid for my largest stock (Disney) a month ago just before they officially announced the streaming platform (that everyone knew was coming). By far my strongest performing stock at the moment but I’m in for the long term prospects of Disney, I think they have a lot of potential in the bag still


Believe it or not My best performer since Android went live is Ford at +11.68%

My portfolio is very dividend focused, I bought Ford because I thought they were overlooked and undervalued compared to all the trendy tech stocks and their dividend is over 6%


What was your logic behind buying Games Workshop? I used to have Warhammer about 15 years ago, but haven’t considered them as an investement recently.

I assumed that kids are more interested in video games these days, maybe it’s 30 year olds with expendable income that are buying the products.


I withdrew £5k out of an ISA in HL and popped it into a basic account for some fun. I randomly picked most stocks. I avoid gambling and tobacco, but everything else fair game. I tend to avoid retail and just had a quick look at some graphs for stocks I hadn’t of or didn’t know anything about. So I didn’t bother with looking up Shell etc, but saw the gaming one had quite a bit of buzz on investors discussion. I also thought modern kids and gaming (not for me) isn’t exactly a sunset industry!

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JD Sports for me. Up 22%.

2nd place is Boohoo up 16%.

Unfortunately I missed the Games Workshop rally. It was my next share to pick up on my watch list so only up 5%.

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How do people monitor gains/ losses on a monthly basis?

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Without selling its admittedly going to be trickier next month unless I record it all in a spreadsheet.

HL provide monthly (maybe weekly) info on their customer’s most popular stocks/funds. Not sure if this is something FT is able/willing to include


Okta & MSFT for me - both up 20%+ :slightly_smiling_face:

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Polar Technology is up about 11% for me. Most are between 4 and 9% up so I’m happy with my portfolio at the moment.

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That’s one of my all time favourites in my HL isa. If it’s the same one I am aware of it has had a 200% return on 5 years. I actually dont have it on my current funds list on FT as Ive missed that on my original search too so thanks for that. :grinning:

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Okta and others like it could be a really big future growth one. Cloud computing and computer technology stuff I think are a necessary requirement for any company and the bigger you get the more they are needed. :sunglasses:

GVC for me. I was buying them between 11th March and 8th April and paid on average £5.74 per share. They’re now up to £6.67, so a 16% increase.


I bought G4S for 1.85 per share on the 1st Apr and sold at 2.34 on the 17th :grin:

Fingers crossed for May!

Reneuron, drug development company, very small-market cap around 100m, has had a huge increase in share price the last month as a result of promising data from an ongoing clinical trial to treat Retinitis Pigmentosa and other diseases involving photo receptor death at the retina with a stem cell formulation.

Bought at around 80p in March, still holding at ~300p


Well done. That must be elsewhere presumably on the AIM (?) as I’ve never heard of them. Been burnt on the AIM before! Don’t think FT has any of the AIM index on here?

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Games Workshop has ridiculous margins for what is still a traditional retail business. They make a lot of money on digital licenses/royalties, including off video games, but don’t underestimate their sway: their mindshare is basically unparalleled with no real competitors and it means they can charge (some would say) predatory prices. Near 500% rally in the stock since 2016 :eyes:.

Anyway, my stock of the month would also have to be $DIS, which I bought very late in March for pretty much identical reasons to @Jeff. Currently at +31% but obviously most see it as having much more upside with the Fox synergies yet to have been realised.

Buying the dip on £BOO has also been fruitful this month (+36% atm), was going to dump it as it neared its all-time high but might hold for a little longer (feeling obligated as a Manc haha).


You’re right its AIM and not on Freetrade yet😕