Stock of the month - July 2019

Wow! What a month July was. We had a quiet start and then wooah everything looked really rosy at the end of last week, before the markets steadied themselves again and my profits graph line has obliged and lowered its nose! So how did you do? What stocks stoked your fires and which ones poured water on it?

My portfolio loser was Sports Direct. It plummeted more than 20% after a dismal showing from Mike Ashley who released the results late and then the small print about a £600million tax bill from Belgium. Hmmmm, Ashley is a bit of an Elon Musk is his attitude for me and 2 weeks ago I nearly got rid of it because I felt I should not have invested in Sports Direct in the first place because I don’t like that time of management. Ahh hindsight. I’ll hang on to them for now. Reluctantly.

However, I think it was the same day JustEat announced it was merging with and saw its shares rocket 20%. So thanks to some handy diversification I was left feeling half flat and half delighted.

Guess that is just a neutral face then.:neutral_face:

All in all I made a bit and lost a bit, but ended the month better than how I started so all good.

As per Freetrade’s policy always remember to do your own research.
Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
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Think it must be Astrazeneca (LON:AZN) this month. it hit an all time high a few days ago after some great results

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Up 20% Vodafone, 16% Barrett. Down 40% Aston Martin (luckily only had one share!)

Yep the same for me :+1: AZ flying at the moment

Twitter and Spotify for me I’m up 21% and 23% respectively.

Worst performer is not a stock but a trust, Woodford patient capital, down 11%.

:arrow_up: Man Group 18%

:arrow_down: Halfords -10%

Are we discluding currency? :joy:
Without currency change I’m up 11% on alphabet inc. With currency it makes it 15%.


Best – Boohoo :shopping:
Worst – Netflix :popcorn:

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My best was set to be Taylor Wimpey which had gaied over 10% in July until it published results yesterday and now is back where it started :sleepy:

So my actual biggest winner was S&P500 (£VUSA) once again gaining around 5%.

Loser is Aviva losing around 4%.

Biggest winner is ASOS up around 27% since I invested in the dip.

Followed by Centamin which is up another 16%.

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I thought of investing at that point. Well done.

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Diageo has been a star for me, bought last week and it’s up around 8%

All that good weather people getting tanked up on Smirnoff and Guiness haha!


Tesla has had a great July, up 30% from last month. :ok_hand:


Best performer for me was an ETF - NASDAQ 100. The currency move helping there.


Tough few days. I nearly invested in Sports Direct but stayed away on principle because I am a Newcastle United fan haha

My best stock is Centamin with my worst and hardly surprising from the recent news - Lloyds.

But in it for the long haul so happy with my portfolio so far even if it is about £100 down from what I have invested in 20 companies

Would be nice if picking the timeframe on the home page also adjusted your profits for each stock over that time period.

It’s hard to tell who was your best this month, if you have owned the shares for longer than a month.

I’m up 19% on Vodafone, bought them at the end of May though.