Stock of the month - June 2019

Another month - another time for having a look at the stats.

Who was your winner this month? It was quite an upbeat month and most indexes held firm, but my greens slightly outdid the reds.

Any losers? Who blushed red?

Dominoes Pizza grabbed 17% followed by Apple 13% and Standard Life on 12% took my podium spots.

Fevertree got the Loser’s crown falling 13%

As per Freetrade’s policy always remember to do your own research.
Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
This is a discussion only thread and is not advice to invest in any particular stock.

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Roboglobal up about 10%, and MSCI China and S&P 500 both up about 6%

I won’t mention Sirius minerals :grimacing: only one in the red this month


Centamin up 23% followed by SMT 8% and VWRL 6%. Asia doing well also with China Special and Japan trust up 6% and 4% respectively.

Has been a good few weeks :+1:t2:

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BHP at 12% and Fresnillo at 9%. For a while Ocado was my worst pick but it has paired back most of the losses to be flat for the month. Lloyd’s therefore wins at -1%.

This month was a bit of a rollercoaster. My freetrade portfolio went down about 8% overall to start July 1st 8% up. Hold the storm.

Do you mean up 10% in June, or total?

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Yep we are looking at just the monthly swings. :sunglasses:

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How do you get the data for a month of your portfolio?

Winner for me is £VUSA with a ~6% gain this month, closely followed by £IUKD at just over 4%. All my individual stock choices gained 2-3% except £SXX hahaha.

Don’t worry. One day we’ll all be laughing when SXX rockets. Hopefully lol


I have a grand total of £10 invested in it, ‘backing’ might be an overstatement :rofl: it is somewhere to put the loose change in my account, and is a complete punt which I completely expect to lose.

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AMD at 5.75%, was up 16% at one point :sleepy:

I invest £30 a month in SXX and plan to keep doing so until I have around 10k shares. I’m hoping it’s just a case of riding out the storm to reap the rewards. Currently I believe they are under budget and ahead of schedule on the progress of building the mine, however I believe come September more funding will have to be secured. I agree with others that it’s a punt but I have a strong belief that they can pull it off. :crossed_fingers:


I try to be in the rest of my portfolio :flushed:, SXX is the one thing I am lax on and as it makes up an incredibly small % of my portfolio I am not overly worried.

Spotify a clear winner for me in June, buoyed by their recent efforts on content/podcasts maybe? :headphones:

Apple only slightly behind. Much of this pre-Ive news!


Ashtead and Merlin both over 20% gains in the month for me.
But after a good month for AO in May (over 15% up) was the horrendous reduction of a third :cold_sweat:.


I’m honestly torn on AO. We’re not going to see proper profitability until next year at the very earliest. Its just depressing seeing the revenue discount plunge month after month. That’s before we get to the vulnerable moat - are you holding on?

I guess my pick would be AMD, which had its peak early in the month and despite selling pressure is holding on nicely and could see a good start to July thanks to the trade news this afternoon.

I’ll be holding on for two reasons

  1. I am holding a relatively small amount, so my losses are negligible in the overall portfolio (good ol’ diversification)
  2. I’m looking to grow my portfolio over the long term, so unless I think a company is not going to survive, I don’t foresee myself selling anything in the next 6-12 months.

Good luck with what you are going to do, it’s never going to be an easy decision. If you have some principles to your investment strategy that you are willing to stick to, it makes the decision easier as it’s almost like having the choice being taken out of your hands.

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I have me freetrade portfolio replicated as a virtual one on gives me all stats


Ashtead - biggest winner for me, a bit over 20% :slight_smile: