Stock of the month - May 2019

That time of the month folks when we all look at our portfolios and wonder what we did to deserve another Donald Trump tweet or another round of tariffs. Today we have the bonus of Mexico being chucked into the tariff blender. While I’m sure it’s needed for various reasons (or not) it doesn’t exactly help world trade and from a selfish perspective the amounts of green bits we get on our stocks!

Talking of tweets, at least one individual has been kicked off twitter; well kind of. Since April we have seen Tesla descend to some historic new lows. It’s gone from 240 to below 190 - another 20% fall in the last 30 days. I did wonder if I’d dip into it if it sunk below $200. I’ve decided to step back and wait until the end of the year. Mr Musk’s lack of tweeting doesn’t seem to have helped things, perhaps it was all that was keeping the share price propped up. Either way loss making stocks of any company with the current US trade policy aren’t particularly attractive. I’d also be cautious about any company that looks to be importing heavily from China (and now also Mexico!). I’d expect Trumps tariff wars won’t end there. The EU hasn’t been the best friend of the US and I’m sure he’d love to throw a few punches there too.

Markets have dipped a bit since last month. My winners are…
Greggs! Who doesn’t like pasties and cake? Greggs grew 24% in the last month.
Homeserve picked up 2nd place with 11%
And for the second month in a row Games Workshop grabbed a podium growing another 8% . It is an astonishing climb.

The loser of the month in my portfolio was Fever Tree losing 16%. However I believe it is a good stock and has a solid future.

Overall my portfolio is about the same value as last month. Maybe down 1%.

So which stocks swung for you?

As per Freetrade’s policy always remember to do your own research.
Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
This is a discussion only thread and is not advice to invest in any particular stock.

April 2019 stock of the month thread


It’s Greggs and PagerDuty for me! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

P.S. quick plug for our recent feature on PagerDuty:


Ford is still doing OK, but it’s AMD and Unilever who are my current front runners

Unilever is the best over the last month

Edit: had dividends from Antofagasta, Aviva and Direct Line, and I think I might be due one from Admiral today. Dividends where the true winner this month :slight_smile:

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Pets at home by a long shot. Over 20% gain this month.

Biggest loser is Ocado down 12%.

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No gains only pain this month


Diageo’s my top stock this month. Perhaps people are turning to drink to get through Brexit?


Just noticed Okta went up 9% since yesterday, I was down on that a couple of days ago, now I’m up

My winner (i.e. least bad) was the S&P 500 (£VUSA) at a monthly loss of only 1.5%ish.

My loser is ITV with a loss this month of over 20%. Praying for Love Island to be the most successful it’s ever been…:crossed_fingers: Obviously will only be watching for due diligence…


OKTA and TakeTwo Interactive for me - though these are small glimmers of hope in a bit of a turbulent time! Haha!

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Renewables infrastructure up 4.5%

The wood group down 12%

Not a good month overall coz my China ETF has taken a battering

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Pets at home have certainly been my best performer this month with performance just over 20%


Lloyds & Tesco are fighting it out for worst performance both being around 8% down

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My biggest % increase this month is Coca-Cola at +4.42%.

My biggest % loss this month is ITV at -21.43%.

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Not been a good month for my FT portfolio with only Renewables Infrastructure up. The cataclysmic bad news operation of Glencore continues to drag my portfolio down. Thankfully overall, I’m down far less than the S&P 500. Maybe the old adage of ‘Sell in May in go away’ is true this year…

Pagerduty currently down over 10% today :tired_face:

Centamin is rallying, up 10.26% for some reason :+1:t2:

Looked over on #CEY earlier today and it seems to be because of a gold price breakout. Just thankful the stock has actually done something lmao

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Greggs +20% and JP Morgan India Investment Trust +6% have been my best this month. Unilever is close behind.

No good for Morrisons at -4.5% though.

Happy Friday :slight_smile:


My winner of the month was Gazprom +31.56% during the month

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