Stock of the month - August 2019

Another month and another roller coaster. A bit like last month it went down and then up in time at the end of the month. My portfolio is still down on July though, but I took the opportunity to buy a lot of stocks too. I haven’t caught up on my admin to give my worst and best performer for sure, but I think I’m ok to go with the the following…

My holdings in Burford Capital were halved - but I bought more as I think it is an overreaction. I’m still 50% down though. Kraft Heinz dropped 21% and Legal and General plunged 16%. Such is life.

It was a bit pathetic on the green front. Sports Direct recovered 10% after the crash last month and Coca Cola grew 5%.

My worst month to date which means it was a great buying month for me.I bought throughout the month as I didn’t know when the market might bottom out. I’m sure it won’t be the last time, but I got some stocks pretty cheap.

How about you?

As per Freetrade’s policy always remember to do your own research.
Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
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Yeah, all my investments were down at the start of the month. just kept buying. looking at my portfolio now the biggest drops are from BT and Lloyds in terms of overall value as these are my biggest holdings. a lot of the smaller holdings have recovered.

Mitchell and butchers up 10% is probably my best.

Pretty much everything else is down

Yeah wasnt a good month for banking. I think the markets fear a cut in the interest rate due to Fed in US, Brexit and a possible recession. Personally I think banking stocks are great value.

William Hill, Astrazeneca and Physical Silver are doing nicely for me, up 20, 23 and 26% respectively. Legal and General has sunk like a stone and Shell is also taking a bit of a hammering.

I’ve been buying up Legal & General on the dip.

AMD has rallied back for me, Box is also doing well and GSK solid as always.

Agreed, a rollercoaster month. My standout stock is Polymetal which up 20% over the last month. I just wish that it had been added to Freetrade earlier!

Worst performer is Sirius at -30% on the month but buying in the dips still means ahead overall.

After a rubbish start post IPO, Pinterest is now up 22% for me. I think most of that gain came this month

Unilever for me - 6.74%

Only been able to have Network International for a few weeks so didn’t include that


Trainline for me, 9.04%

My Freeshares performed best for me % wise which isn’t surprising given main holdings are steady ETFs:


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A clear front runner for me last month – Boohoo :shopping:


@sampoullain that’s cheating, wait till September stock of the month thread for your Bohobo gains that occurred from 4th-5th sept :laughing:


Fair point!

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Blackstone for me. @Toby did a great write up on them if anyone is interested

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Had a few good ones between 10% and 20%

  • Boohoo
  • ITV
  • Micron Technology
  • Nvidia
  • Qualcomm
  • And Kier was through the roof 50% but I knew this was going to be a (small) silly risk

I’m a little confused though as my monthly display on Android isn’t as nice as your ones and continues to show “today”, will upload a pic