Stock of the month - November 2019

Wahooo! Surely that was a good month for everyone. Did anyone not make a profit?

What increasingly became a fantastic month of gains ended on Black Friday. Sadly the events on Black Friday left another dark day on the British history books of terror and tragedy. The stock markets reflected the mood too towards the end of the trading. Obviously my thoughts are with the victims, but praise for the heroes too. It shows though how sensitive markets are and how even a nobody with a warped mind of the world can take out his fury on barely a dozen innocent pedestrians and he has managed to affect world trading. It is quite extraordinary.

For me this year up until November I have been watching and learning, putting money in and buying and not really selling. I decided to actually sell off a load of profitable positions, re balance my portfolio and try some new stocks. I’m not going to learn much by sitting in a Vanguard World Fund.

In the month of November I sold 63 stocks and purchased 32. 95 trades in mostly different companies. That would have cost me over £1,000 on HL.

I have manually calculated my weighted average capital investments for days held and I am sitting on a 12.43% profit. Chuffed with that.

My top stocks
Okta. I disussed this earlier in the summer and how I backed it to bounce back as I thought it was a good stock. Well it has. A 19% rise has seen it back in the green and it gets my podium position.
Feverdrinks recovered some of its enormous summer losses with a 17% climb

I’ve sold so many stocks it’s difficult to work out which other ones could feature, but safe to say Games Workshop continued its crazy climb. However I sold it and I’m worried its powering on speculation now. It’s P/E ratio sits at nearly 30. How much money can be made out of war games figures?! I closed my position on that for a cracking 72% gain in 8 months. That’ll take some beating…

Losers. A few stocks were a bit grumpy, but nothing worth selling a story over. So I’m going to keep this thread positive and let them lie low.

November has been a great month, but I’ve decided to retain 1/3 of my sales in cash as I suspect another dip could be coming after such a great rise and I’ll be ready to be snap them up!

As per Freetrade’s policy always remember to do your own research.
Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
This is a discussion only thread and is not advice to invest in any particular stock.

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A very good month. All of the 14 companies I hold were up in November. The stars were:

  • Boohoo: +19.47% in Nov
  • Disney: +16.67%
  • AMD: +15.38%

I bought some of these during the month so didn’t see all of that gain in some cases.

Worst performers for me in Nov:

  • Ocado: +1.32%
  • Texas Instruments: +1.88%
  • Nike: +4.40%
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November was a great month

Top Performers

  • Virgin Money: 28.6%
  • Barclays: 14.67%
  • Legal and General: 13.65%


  • Centamin: -11.9%
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Top performers for me:

Worst performers:


My best was countryside which was up over 12% and was a free share from Freetrade!

I have only been investing a month and would love if you could check out my YouTube channel and portfolio updates:

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Another great month in stocks. Second month in a row where my investment growth exceeded all my other income. Not as great as October, but still very good. Don’t feel like this can last, but impossible to call the top.

Biggest winners - AMD +15%, Charles Schwab +21%

Only loser - Purple Bricks -7% (but this is always been my smallest individual holding)

I think this is way to much action. I’ve been in equities in some form or another for a decade (Had I been it in more consistently, I could have probably retired by now :sweat_smile:) And I don’t think I’ve bought or sold as much in my entire time, certainly not 95 different companies. It’s only recently that I’ve started trading more consistently, and this is only to drip feed into investments.

This month, I added to the 4 stocks in my Freetrade ISA. In my US account, I sold JPST (short term corporate debt, which I hold instead of cash) and bought Intel. Next month, I see myself adding to my Freetrade ISA, and that’s it.

Maybe my investing is informed by the commission-era, but even without commissions, you are paying the bid-ask, f/x, and stamp duty.


Lots of good this month.

Disney, Legal & General, Netflix did well for me. Tesla only tailed off at the last minute from a double digit month.

My worst performer was Metro. Trickled down all month and is now sitting minus 20% and I thought I’d got it at a great time (sub £2).

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That may be true, however the markets have clearly spiked and I would expect them to fall back a bit. I want to have cash in reserve for if and when there is a correction - I’ve still got 2/3 in shares.

Even if the markets fall by 1% from what I sold off at I will be better off since that is more than the FX or stamp.