Your Watchlist

Just for fun and out of curiosity, how many companies do you have on your Watchlist? Seen anything crash and burn,narrowly avoiding investing yourself? Missed the boat and watched something go to the moon without taking the leap?
Are you tracking anything you have high hopes for, checking the RNS every morning for big news?

I only have three at the moment - ITM, Whitbread and $ONON, the new Roger Federer brand.

At the moment, it’s four, a couple of uranium mining companies, Applied Graphene Mats, and IIND. I’ll probably remove the miners since I’ve I’m already covered by mining. I’m looking at adding an India ETF to my portfolio at some point, when I do it will be removed (since it will be covered). That will leave AGM.

Usually I only add to the wishlist if I see a stock I like the look of in the app, although I have too many in my portfolio at the moment, so I’m currently deliberately not adding to the wishlist so that I can avoid increasing the number of stocks held. When I’ve cut the number down, I will start adding to the wishlist again.

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