Stocks disappeared from Watchlist 😳

Anyone else having a problem with their watchlist today? I usually have about 30 companies in there - today there are 3?!


Yes, after updating the app this morning I now only have 1 entry in my watchlist which should have about 20 entries.

Yeah same here, had a ton of stuff in there and i now have 6!

Mine is just as normal. I’m guessing yours weren’t all French and Spanish or other unlisted?

I am using android phone and my watchlist showing handful of companies :sob:

Same here. I think the see all button has gone.

Yep had loads now ive got 5,when i go on a stock thats not longer there it says remove from watchlist,as if its there but its not,updated app today.

For once, the correct use of decimated!

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Yes, good spot there. The one that was top of my watchlist vanished, but if I search for the ticker, it’s still selected as though its part of the list.

Technically not correct to decimate is to destroy 1 out of 10 not 9 out of 10

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Yep. Back to front.

: to select by lot and kill every tenth man of / decimate a regiment

2**:** to exact a tax of 10 percent / poor as a decimated Cavalier— John Dryden

We digress :slight_smile:

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updated the app (android) yesterday and now only 2 items on the watch list. Hope this is just a visibility bug and all items in the list are there in the backend and would appear once the bug is fixed.
This seems to be the case as the companies that were on the watchlist still have “remove from watchlist” enable for them, even though they not visible on the watch list.

@NeilB Are you guys aware of this issue?

Hi guys - Been moving house so not here as much as usual. I’ll flag it with the engineering team.


Hi all!

Apologies for this, there is an issue in Android version 1.0.28002 where some watchlists are failing to display some items, or are hidden completely.

We’ve got a fix for this which will start to roll out today.

It’s purely a visual issue, so all your watchlist data is safe, and when the fixed version is released you’ll see your full watchlist again. Even things you add to / remove from your watchlist now are still updating the watchlist data correctly even if you can’t see them currently


Cheers Tom :+1:

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Updated my android app and I still have the watchlist problem

Still have the same problem too.

I’ve also updated and can still only see 6 stocks out of about 60. My ‘See All’ button has also dissappeared.