Stocks can be added/removed from watchlist while scrolling


I want to report bug/usability issue which IMO is super annoying issue. You can accidentally add or remove stocks to your watchlist when scrolling up or down on stock detail page.

It looks that the hit area for button is too big (whole screen width) and this is causing this issue.

This completely messes up my watchlist which I like to keep organised by sector. When this happens is is really getting on my nerves and triggers some kind of ADHD inside me as this was accidental change. Without possibility to reorder my watchlist this is even more annoying as I need to remove all stocks from it and create it from scratch.

Can you please fix it?

I am using iPhone XR btw.


I’ve had this a couple of times as well, can be quite annoying
Because the graph isn’t scrollable but takes up most of the screen, my finger needs to go below the graph to scroll. That’s when I accidentally hit the watchlist button :slight_smile:

Agree, very frustrating, So much so that I basically ignore the watchlist function. No idea what’s in it right now, and don’t care to use it until it’s - you know - usable.

Great UI otherwise, so I guess it’s just one of those low priority backlog items.