App issues?

I have recently joined and have had a couple of things bugging me on the app; hopefully this is the correct place to post?
When trying to scan across the graphs to see the price change throughout the day/week/month etc it doesn’t move smoothly from one side of the graph to the other, it ‘sticks’ to certain places on the graph or jumps across to the end of the graph. Suggestion: Have an area on the graph where you can swipe from one side to the other smoothly whilst also being able to see the graph.

And the other is that I find I am watching or Unwatching stocks accidentally while trying to scroll down the page. If, when trying to swipe down to the stock information, my thumb first makes contact with the ‘remove from watchlist’ button, it won’t scroll down the page and a number of times already I have accidentally unwatched a stock because of this. Suggestion: have the ‘Watchlist’ button only work with a press action, as soon as a swipe is detected - scroll up or down the page.
Just a couple of usability issues that I have encountered, thanks :slight_smile: