Watchlist - cant remove

Tonight I can’t remove stocks from my watchlist. Im sure I have previously, but its not working now, on multiple stocks and ETFs. Logged in and out, same thing.

Using Android app.

Anyone else?

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Same. Also on Android. Reported it here:

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Thanks for replying.

At least i know its not just me…I’m sure it’ll get addressed soon then :+1:

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Hello :wave:

We’re aware of this issue and are rolling out a fix to the Google Playstore today.
The option to update your app should appear in the next couple of days. As soon as you see it you can download it and this issue should be resolved.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused !


Awesome, thank you :blush:

The way you have to remove stocks from the watchlist by clicking into then and un-starring is mad anyway! Why isn’t there a simple swipe right and hit remove type UI? That would be way easier, especially when trying to remove a lot in one go.

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Good point :+1:

An ability to reorder would be good as well. Again pretty standard UI.


Just to confirm, the latest update has fixed this bug for me. Thank you!


Updated and all good now too :+1: